【July】Unlock the Secrets of Japanese Summer: Test Your July Event IQ!

July is filled with summer traditions in Japan. How much do you know about these events?

In this month, Japan is brimming with festivals and traditional events. From historic festivals to modern events, there are many ways to enjoy summer.

Take the quiz and become more familiar with Japanese summer traditions, enjoying the season to the fullest!

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Japanese Life in July

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What is written on the tanzaku, which is hung on these Tanabata decorations on 7th. July?

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In the legend of Tanabata, there is a separated couple who can meets once a year on the day of Tanabata, across the Milky Way. What are the names of this couple?

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What food is traditionally eaten on the day known as 'Doyo no Ushi no Hi,' which comes around the end of July?

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The third Monday of July is a public holiday. What holiday is it?

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What is the gift called that is given to people who have been helpful from July to early August?


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What time of day does this flower bloom?

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The Gion Festival in Kyoto, which has been held since 869 AD. What is its origin?

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