[Basic Knowledge] Age limit in Japan – Some of age restrictions are applicable to oversea tourists

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  • Who want to try various things in Japan
  • Who want to know regulation in Japan


I have plan to go to Japan.


That’s nice. What will you do in Japan ?


I want to try various things. But I’m afraid that what I can do with my age…


No problem, I would like to introduce various regulation around age, in Japan

This page is about

  • Restriction of age, applicable also to visitor
  • Regulation of age, not applicable to visitor
  • Age clarification for children

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Age Restrictions in Japan, applicable to oversea visitor too

There are age restrictions which is applicable to foreign tourists. So visitor to Japan need to pay attention, not to make any violations, as these items might be different from law and regulations of mother country of visitors. In some cases, it will be required to show ID cards or passport, at counter or entrance.

Age restrictions in Japan, applicable also to visitor

  • Drinking age : 20 years old (Alcohol drink)
  • Smoking age : 20 years old
  • Entering Pachinko parlor: 18 years old
  • Entering Game Center after 18:00 : 16 years old
  • Entering Game Center after 22:00 : 18 years old
  • Betting tickets of horse racing: 20 years old

Age relevant information in Japan

Although it’s not applicable to foreign tourists, there are various age limitations in Japan, like coming of age, marriage, driver’s license, etc. I would like to recommend you to refer to below list, for your better understanding of Japanese society, to enjoy your stay in Japan.

  • Coming of age (Become adult)
    • 20 years old (until 31st. March 2022)
    • 18 years old (From 1st. April 2022)
      • Smoking, drinking age remains 20 years old after 2022
  • Marriage:
    • For man 18 years old
    • For females: 16 years old (After 2022, 18 years old)
  • Driver’s license
    • Scooter: 16 years old
    • Car : 18 years old
    • Truck, Bus : 20 years old
    • Large Truck, Bus : 21 years old
  • Right to vote : 18 years old

Age of children and classification in Japan

Although it’s not a restriction in some cases, there are some situations in which there’s difference due to the age relevant categories. For example, in some of public transport services, or entering museums, theatre, fare and price of tickets for children depend on kind of schools.

Categories and its age in Japan

  • Preschoolers: Mishu-Gaku Ji (未就学児)
    • Children before entering to elementary school
  • Elementary school students: Shogakusei (小学生)
    • Entering in first April after getting 6 years old
    • Graduated in first March after getting 12 years old
  • Junior High School students: Chugakusei (中学生)
    • Entering in first April after getting 12 years old
    • Graduated in first March after getting 15 years old
  • High School students: Kokosei (高校生)
    • After graduation of Junior high school, no age limitations


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

Age restriction in Japan

  • Aging restriction applicable to oversea tourist to Japan
    • Drinking age : 20 years old
    • Smoking age : 20 years old
  • Aging regulation in Japan
    • Coming of age : 20 years old (2022 – : 18 years)
    • Driver’s license (car) : 18 years
    • Marriage (-2021) : 18 years old for men, 16 years old for women
    • Marriage (2022-) : 18 years old
  • Children fare are classified by belongings of school
    • Pre-school
    • Elementary school
    • Junior high school
    • High school

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Now, you don’t need to worry about Japanese aging restriction any more.