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  • Where ‘BENSAN’ are used in Japan
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In this page, I would like to make brief explanation about ‘BENSAN’ as one of long seller products in Japan.

You may get knowledge of ‘BENSAN’, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !


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What is ‘BENSAN’

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‘BENSAN’ is very popular product in Japan. ‘BEN’ is coming from ‘Benjo’ as ‘Toilet’ in Japanese, and ‘SAN’ is from ‘Sandals’. So ‘BENSAN’ means ‘Benjo Sandal’ as ‘Sandals of Toilet’. ‘BENSAN’ is generally made from PVC. As Japanese take off one’s shoes in various places, ‘BENSAN’ are ready in toilet, and Japanese put on ‘BENSAN’ there.

Basic knowledge of ’BENSAN’

  • BENSAN is combined word, Benjo and Sandal
  • Benjo means toilet, BENSAN is sandals in toilet
  • Made from PVC generally
  • Take off shoes and put on BENSAN at toilet in Japan in some cases

‘BENSAN’ is very popular sandals in Japan !

History of ‘BENSAN’

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any records and exact history of BENSAN. However, it’s said that there are more than 40 years of history at least. In 1970’s, there was BENSAN in Japan. The production area is in Nara prefecture. And manufacturer, Nishibe chemical has very large share of BENSAN in Japan.

History of ‘BENSAN’

  • I couldn’t find any records in internet space
  • It’s said that in 1970’s, BENSAN was already existed
  • Manufacturing area is in Nara prefecture
  • Nishibe Chemical produced BENSAN long time with large share

‘BENSAN’ got popular in 20th century in Japan !

Where we can see ‘BENSAN’

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We can see ‘BENSAN’ in various locations, such as school, hospital, hotel, sports hall, etc, as we need to take off shoes there. On the other hand, we can’t see ‘BENSAN’ at station, department stores, office buildings etc, as we don’t need to take off shoes there. Although some people put on ‘BENSAN’ outside, it’s very rate to do it. ‘BENSAN’ is generally for toilet only.

More information about ‘BENSAN’

  • Where we have a chance to see ‘BENSAN’
    • School
    • Hospital
    • Sports hall
    • Hotel
  • It’s very rare to put on BENSAN outside

You can see ‘BENSAN’ in various places in Japan


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘BENSAN’ in Japan

  • Name is coming from ‘Benjo’ as toilet, and ‘Sandals’
  • In 1970’s, already used
  • We can see, schools, hospitals, sports hall, some hotels, etc


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BENSAN is the item well known all over Japan. As BENSAN is very strong and with waterproofing, it’s very nice to put on it in toilet. This item supports Japanese life and almost essential item in Japanese society.


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