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What is ‘Bufferin’

quotation source : https://www.bufferin.net/products/a.htm

‘Bufferin’ is one of famous medicine in Japan, which is as painkiller for headache, period pain, etc. ‘Bufferin’ is over the counter medicine. We can get it without prescription. ‘Bufferin’ contains aspirin, and made some adjustments to soften impact on stomach.

Basic knowledge of ‘Bufferin’

  • Painkiller, famous in Japan
  • Over the counter medicine
  • It contains aspirin
  • Sold with Blue and white packages

I have ‘Bufferin’ when I have headache.

History of ‘Bufferin’

quotation source : https://www.bufferin.net/about/

‘Bufferin’ is originally product of U.S company. In 1963, with license agreement, Japanese company LION started sales in Japan. With advertising on TV in 1960’s, Bufferin got large share in Japanese market. And it is still popular in Japan in 21st century.

History of ‘Bufferin’

  • Developed in USA in 1950’s
  • 1963 LION started sales in Japan
  • 1960’s Getting large share in Japanese market
  • 2007 license in Asia transferred to LION

‘Bufferin’ have long history more than 50 years in Japan !

Various products of ‘Bufferin’

quotation source : https://www.lion.co.jp/ja/products/brand/series/36

The name of ‘Bufferin’ is well known in Japan. So producer, LION make some products other than painkiller, with naming ‘Bufferin’. So we can see various medicines named ‘Bufferin’ in drugstores. Most of them are over the counter medicine.

Various kinds of ‘Bufferin’

  • Bufferin Luna (For period pain)
  • Bufferin EX (low back aches, Joint pain)
  • Bufferin for kids
  • Bufferin EX as cold medicine
  • Bufferin Jr. (Cold medicine for kids)

‘Bufferin’ is available for various generations !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Bufferin’ in Japan

  • Very famous painkiller in Japan
  • Blue and white package is well-known in Japan
  • Started sales in 1963, by LION as pharmaceutical company
  • Developed in USA, licensed in Asia transferred to LION


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Bufferin is one of famous medicine in Japan. Actually, I often have Bufferin, when I have headaches. And I usually have a stock of Bufferin in my first aid kit (medicine box), as essential item in my life.


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