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Dishwashing in Japan

How do you wash dishes every day?

In Japan, dishwasher has low penetration rate. It’s still around 30%. Majority is still with hand wash. Under the circumstances, there are many kinds of dishwashing detergents in Japan.

Today, I would like to introduce popular products of dishwashing detergents, which we can easily get in the supermarkets all over Japan. I hope you can enjoy the article.

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‘Cucute’ series by Kao

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’Cucute’ is one of popular dishwashing detergent in Japan. Producer is ‘Kao’ as major producer of daily necessities, such as detergents, shampoo, diapers, etc, in Japan.

There are many types of ‘Cucute’ products, with variety of fragrances. As far as I used, compare with other competitor’s products , ‘Cucute’ has very nice fragrance in washing.

What is ‘Cucute’ in Japan

  • Liquid dishwashing detergent in Japan
  • Manufactured by ‘KAO’
  • Variety of fragrances
    • Orange
    • Muscat
    • Pink Grapefruit
    • Lemon
    • Green Tea
    • Chamomile
    • Non-fragrance

I prefer to fragrance of ‘Muscut’ in ‘Cucute’ products !

‘Joy’ series by P&G

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’Joy’ is also very famous product of dishwashing detergents in Japan. Producer is Procter & Gamble as global company of daily necessity. ‘Joy’ is supported by Japanese consumers.

As far as I used, ‘Joy’ provide high performance to cleaning dishes with very small amount. I feel very high cost effectiveness. The best dishwashing detergents for me is ‘Joy’ as of today.

What is ‘JOY’ in Japan

  • Liquid dishwashing detergent in Japanese market
  • Manufactured by ‘P&G’ as global manufacturer
  • ‘JOY’ appealing advantages
    • Sterilization
    • Strong Power
    • Deodorization

We can see TV commercial of ‘Joy’ well in Japan !

‘Magica’ series by LION

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‘Magica’ is comparatively new brand of dishwashing detergents, since 2015. ‘Lion’ as major producer of daily necessities in Japan, developed their brand ‘Charmy’ to ‘Charmy Magica’. Now’ it’s spread to the market.

As far as I used, ‘Magica’ give high performance against oil stains. I don’t need to scrub flying pan in washing. With ‘Magica’, we can wash dishes with less power.

What is ‘Magica’ in Japan

  • Liquid dishwashing detergent in Japanese
  • Manufactured by ‘Lion’
  • ‘Magica’ appealing advantages
    • Dried Quickly
    • Sterilization
    • Disassemble oil stains

‘Magica’ brand is rather new in Japan !

Variety of Dishwashing Detergents in Japan

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Other than above listed products, there are many detergents in Japanese market. From left, ‘Mama Lemon’ by Lion, ‘Yashinomi Senzai’ by Saraya, ‘Family Fresh’ by Kao, ‘Charmy Green’ by Lion, unfortunately, I never used these products, however, all of them are famous and supported by consumers.

Variety of Popular Dishwashing detergents in Japan

  • ‘Mama Lemon’ by LION
  • ‘Yashinomi Senzai’ by Saraya
  • ‘Family Fresh’ by LION
  • ‘Charmy Green’ by LION
  • ’Utamaro Kitchen’ by Toho

Above listed products are well known & Long seller in Japan !


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There are many kinds of dishwashing detergents in Japan. There are always high competition and technology around the product is developing day by day.

When you will stay or live in Japan, you might have a opportunity to use detergents in Japanese market. I hope this article could assist you to stay in Japan comfortably.

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