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  • What is ‘Kao’ in Japan
  • History of ‘Kao’ in Japan
  • Name of products by ‘Kao’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Kao’ in Japan

You may get knowledge of ‘Kao’ in Japan, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !

What is ‘Kao’

quotation source : https://www.kao.com/jp/new-hygiene/

‘Kao’ is a manufacturer of detergents, toiletries, cosmetics, diapers, etc. This company supports daily life of Japanese with their products. As they spend large money for advertising, ‘Kao’ brand is well known all over Japan. Crescent moon face is trademark of ‘Kao’.

Basic information about ‘Kao’

  • Largest Manufacturer of daily necessities in Japan
    • Detergents, Toiletries : No.1 share in Japan
    • Cosmetics : 2nd largest share in Japan
    • Baby diapers: 3rd largest share in Japan
  • Lot of commercial messages on media
  • Crescent moon face is trademark of Kao

‘Kao’ products are essential in Japanese life !

History of ‘Kao’

quotation source : https://www.kao.com/jp/who-we-are/globalhistory/

‘Kao’ was established in 1887 by founder, Mr. Tomiro Nagase. First major product is ‘Kao Soap’, which made name of ‘Kao’ famous in Japan. In 1950’s Kao started sales of detergents. In 2006, acquired part of ‘Kanebo’ as cosmetic manufacturer. ‘Kao’ continue developing more than 100 years.

History of ‘Kao’

  • 1887 Established by Mr. Tomiro Nagase
  • 1890 Started sales of ‘Kao Soap’ in Japan
  • 1951 Started sales of detergents
  • 1955 Started sales of shampoo
  • 1978 Started sales of sanitary items
  • 1983 Started sales of baby diapers
  • 2006 Acquired Kanebo as cosmetic company

‘Kao’ support life of Japanese long time !

Product name of ‘Kao’

quotation source : https://www.kao.com/jp/who-we-are/globalhistory/logo_mark/

The name of Kao itself is very famous in Japan. Moreover, the name of each product by ‘Kao’ is also well known in Japan. For example, detergent, ‘Attack’ is well known in Japanese market. Other than ‘Attack’, Kao has various products which is famous in Japanese market.

Name of ‘Kao’ products

  • Detergents : ‘Attack’ ‘EMAL’
  • Bleacher : ‘Haiter’
  • Soap : ‘Biore’
  • Baby diapers: ‘merries’
  • Oral care : ‘Pyuora’
  • Cosmetics : ‘SOFINA’
  • Bathwater additive : ‘bub’

‘Kao’ products are available in supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, etc !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Kao’ in Japan

  • Manufacturer of daily necessities
  • Crescent moon is the trademark
  • Established in 1887
  • Various brand, ‘Attach’, ‘Haiter’, ‘Merries’, ‘Sofina’, etc


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Kao is a very famous brand in Japan. And there are many consumers who like Kao products. Actually, my wife prefer to use Kao products. So my daily life is supported by various Kao goods. I feel my life, comfortable with Kao goods.


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