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What is ‘Kinchol’

Kinchol is very famous insecticide in Japan. It’s in steel can and to spray it to insects mainly to mosquitoes and flies. ‘Kinchol’ in Katakana words and rooster as trademark of producer Kincho are written on white and blue can, which is very famous design in Japan.

Basic knowledge of ‘Kinchol’

  • Very famous insecticide in Japan
  • Mainly to mosquitoes and flies
  • Very famous design
    • Rooster in red as Trademark of Kincho
    • ‘Kinchol’ in Katakana in Red
    • White and Blue spray-can

‘Kinchol’ is very helpful item, especially in summer in Japan !

History of ‘Kinchol’ in Japan

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The producer, Kincho started sales of ‘Kinchol’ in 1934. It was atomizer with liquified insecticide in glass bottle. In 1952, ‘Kinchol’ with aerosol spray was released, which was first aerosol insecticide in the world. Kincho make comical TV commercial every summer, which is tradition of Japanese summer.

History of ‘Kinchol’

  • 1934 Released ‘Kinchol’, as liquified insecticide
  • 1951 Started broadcast of TV commercial
  • 1952 Released ‘Kinchol’ as aerosol spray
  • 1975 Changed kind of aerosol

‘Kinchol’ is famous as long seller products in Japan !

Variety of Products of ‘Kinchol’ in Japan

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There are many kinds of ‘Kinchol’ in Japanese market. There are three types of Kinchol for mosquitoes and flies, standard Kinchol, Kinchol with rose scent, unscented Kinchol. Other than that, Kinsho provides Kinchol for various targets, for ant, centipedes, stink bug, etc.

Various kinds of ‘Kinchol’

  • For mosquitoes and flies
    • Standard Kinchol
    • Kinchol rose scent
    • Kinchol non-scented
  • For various targets
    • Mukade Kinchol (Centipedes)
    • Kamemushi Kinchol (Stink bug)
    • Ari Kinchol (Ants)
  • Others
    • Mushi-Yoke Kinchol (Insect repellent)

‘Kinchol’ is available against various insects


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

‘Kinchol’ in Japan

  • Very famous insecticide in Japan
  • Rooster is The trademark of Kincho in Red
  • Started sales in 1934
  • Long seller products in Japan
  • Variety of line-up, for mosquitoes, Centipedes, Ants, etc


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Kinchol is very famous product in Japan. We can get it in supermarkets, drugstore etc in summer. Actually I bought Kinchol in this summer, however, it’s in the back of closet. Because we don’t see mosquitoes in winter.


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