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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Konishi Bond’ in Japan

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What is ‘Konishi Bond’

quotation source : http://www.bond.co.jp/bond/event/kids/contest/index.html

‘Bond’ is a name of adhesive, Konishi is company name. Although ‘Bond’ is registered as trademark of Konishi co., Ltd., ‘Bond’ is almost getting proper noun in Japan. Especially, this yellow plastic bottle ‘Bond’ is very popular. It’s mainly for woodwork.

Basic knowledge of ‘Konishi Bond’

  • ’Bond’ is name of adhesive
  • Konishi is name of producer
  • Yellow plastic bottle is trademark of ‘bond’
  • ’Bond’ for woodwork is the main product
  • White sticky adhesive inside

Suppose that everybody have experience to use ‘Konishi Bond’ in Japan !

History of ‘Konishi Bond’

quotation source : http://www.bond.co.jp/150th/history.html

First Bond was released in 1952 in Osaka. In initial period, Bond was mainly for industrial purposes. Konishi improve product again and again. Then, market of Bond was expanded to general consumers. In 21st century, Bond still has large share in both industrial and consumer market.

History of ‘Konishi Bond’

  • 1952 First Bond developed in Osaka
  • 1953 Bond registered as trademark of Konishi
  • 1957 Started sales for non industrial purpose
  • 1962 Bottle color changed from orange to Yellow
  • 1970’s Increasing sales in developing of economy
  • 2007 Shape of bottle registered as 3D trademark

Design of bottle of ‘Konishi Bond’ is well known in Japan !

Variety of ‘Konishi Bond’ Products

quotation source : http://www.bond.co.jp/bond/detail/002102003077/

‘Bond’ for woodwork is well known for Japanese consumers. In many of schools, ‘Konishi Bond’ is used in class of craft. Other than product for woodwork, there are many kinds of ‘Bond’ , while some is popular and some is not, in Japan.

Variety of Products of ‘Konishi Bond’ in Japanese market

  • Woodwork
  • Cloth products
  • Paper
  • Glasses
  • Building Material
  • Industrial purposes

‘Konishi Bond’ is available for various material !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Konishi Bond’ in Japan

  • Very famous adhesive in Japan
  • Design of bottle is registered as 3D trademark in Japan
  • Started sales in 1952
  • Various purpose of use, wood, cloth, paper, glasses, etc


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‘Konishi Bond’ is very popular adhesive all over Japan. Actually, I often use it when I need to make repairs in my household. We can buy it in supermarkets, convenience stores, DIY stores, etc. This product is surely supported by Japanese consumers.


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