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What is ‘Mushuda’ ??

I want to know it !

I wrote this article to clear your question about ‘Mushuda’ , as popular daily necessity in Japan.

I would like to explain about the topic with mainly two parts.

  • Basic knowledge of Mushuda in Japan
  • Deep Diving with answering questions
    • History
    • Official Character
    • Products
    • How to use, etc

In first part, you can get basic information about Mushuda in Japan.

And next, I would like to introduce more details, with style of answering questions. You can get information with cherry pick style, in stead of reading long article.

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What is ‘Mushuda’ ?

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‘Mushuda’ is the name of very famous insect-repellent in Japan. It’s mainly for clothes. With placing ‘Mushuda’ in closet, clothes are protected from insects.

Manufacturer is S.T corporation, who make various daily necessities as one of largest maker in this category in Japan. Mushuda is one of main products of S.T corporation.

What is Mushuda
  • Famous insects-repellent in Japan
  • Protecting clothes from insects
  • Manufacturer is S.T corporation, as maker of daily necessities
  • Mushuda is one of main products of S.T.

Deep Diving into Mushuda in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Mushuda in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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I hope you can clear your question in this part.

Mushuda has history more than 30 years in Japan.

  • 1988 Started sales of ‘Mushuda’
  • 1997 ‘Mushuda’ for closet released
  • 2007 ‘Mushuda’ for walk-in closet released
  • 2010 ‘Mushuda’ with fragrance released

Producer, ST corporation started sales of ‘Mushuda’ in 1988. It was mainly for ‘Tansu’ as chest of drawers, in line with traditional lifestyle in Japan.

In 1990’s, ‘Mushuda’ for closets was released. ST continues to update ‘Mushuda’, in line with changing of Japanese lifestyle.

Reference : ST webpage

There are many kinds of ‘Mushuda’ in Japanese market

  • ‘Mushuda’ for drawers
  • ‘Mushuda’ for closet
  • ‘Mushuda’ for walk-in closet
  • ‘Mushuda’ for dolls
  • ‘Mushuda’ cover type
  • ‘Mushuda’ with fragrance

We can use Mushuda suitable conditions of storage of clothes.

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Reference : ST webpage

Mushuda have official character, ‘Monsieur Kumao’.

We can see this Character on commercial message on TV.

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Reference : ST webpage

‘Mushuda’ is available in various places in Japan.

  • Supermarkets
  • Drugstores
  • Convenience stores
  • Appliance store, etc

Author’s research in Yokohama City

There are mainly 3 types of Mushuda. We can use Mushda with hanging on closet, Putting on clothes case, and covering on cloth.

Hanging type

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Putting type

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Covering type

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And when it will be no effectiveness, Mushuda give a sign to replace it.

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The range of price is around JPY 550 – 950 in most of ‘Mushuda’ products. (Minimum size)

The price depends on size, volume, and performance of the products. If product is for small clothes box and spaces, the price is rather inexpensive.

Example of price

  • For closet around JPY 650 (3 pieces in a package)
  • Covering coat, jacket around JPY 750 (6 sheet in a package)
  • Putting on case around JPY 750 (24 pieces in a package)

Author’s research in Yokohama city


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