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What is ‘Rohto’

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‘Rohto’ is very famous manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in Japan. Especially, eye drops and eye care products of ‘Rohto’ is very popular, whose market share is approximately 40% in Japan. We can get various kind of ‘Rohto’ products in drugstore easily.

Basic information about ‘Rohto’

  • Very famous pharmaceutical company in Japan
  • Popular brand of eye drops and eye care products
  • 40% of share in Japanese market (eye care items)
  • We can get products at drugstore

‘Rohto’ is very famous manufacturer of eye drops in Japan !

History of ‘Rohto’

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‘Rohto’ was established in 1899 in Osaka, by Mr. Yasutami Yamada. Initially, company name was not ‘Rohto’. In 1908, ‘Rohto’ was registered as trademark. In 1909, ‘Rohto eye drops’ was released. In 1949, company name was changed to ‘Rohto’. ‘Rohto’ is staying top brand of eye drops in Japanese market long time.

History of ‘Rohto’

  • 1899 Established predecessors of Rohto in Osaka
  • 1908 Rohto was registered as trademark
  • 1909 ‘Rohto Megusuri (Eye drops) was released
  • 1948 Company name changed to Rohto

‘Rohto’ has history more than 100 years !

Various products of ‘Rohto’

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‘Rohto’ provide various kinds of products around eye care, eye drops, contact lenses, products for care of eyes and contact lenses, etc. And line up of each products are very rich. We can select preferred items of ‘Rohto’, based on the condition, such as purpose, generation, symptoms, etc. ‘Rohto’ supports health of eyes in Japan.

Various items in ‘Rohto’

  • Eye drops
    • For contact lenses
    • Anti-inflammation
    • Dried eyes, etc
  • Contact lenses and care products
  • Supplements for eyes

I’m consumer of eye care products of ‘Rohto’


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Rohto’ in Japan

  • Very famous pharmaceutical company, especially in eye care products
  • Established in 1899
  • Large share of eye drops, Contact lenses care products


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Rohto provides products not only eye care, but also other medicines, actually. However, frankly speaking, when I hear the name of ‘Rohto’ , ‘Eye drops’ is coming to me firstly. I use lenses care products and eye drops of Rohto almost everyday.


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