Saran Wrap | Plastic wrap with largest share for home use in Japan, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Saran Wrap’ in Japan

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What is ‘Saran Wrap’

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‘Saran Wrap’ is very famous plastic wrap for home use, not for industrial use. ‘Saran Wrap’ has largest share in Japanese market, more than 40%. There are three types width of Saran Wrap,15cm, 22cm, and 30cm. We can get it easily at supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.

Basic knowledge of ’Saran Wrap’

  • Very famous plastic wrap
  • For home use, not for industrial use
  • Three types of width, 15cm, 22cm, 30cm
  • Available at supermarkets, convenience stores etc

‘Saran Wrap’ is the most popular plastic film in Japan !

History of ‘Saran Wrap’

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‘Saran Wrap’ is originally product of Dow chemical in USA. In 1960, with license with Dow chemical, Asahi Kasei started sales in Japan. With spreading of refrigerators and microwave, sales of ‘Saran Wrap’ was increased year by year. In 2014, design of package was renewed. ‘Saran Wrap’ still has large share in Japan.

History of ‘Saran Wrap’

  • 1950 Started sales in USA
  • 1960 Started sales in Japan, by Asahi Kasei
  • 1960’s Sales increased with spread of refrigerator
  • 1970’s Sales increased with spread of microwave
  • 2014 Package renewal

‘Saran Wrap’ was getting popular during economical development of Japan !

Usefulness of ‘Saran Wrap’

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‘Saran Wrap’ is very useful item in Japanese life. Needless to say, it’s nice for preservation. Especially, it’s really nice for steamed rice. We can wrap white rice and freeze it for preservation. And when we made ‘Onigiri’ as rice ball, it’s quite helpful. ‘Saran Wrap’ is essential item in Japanese life.

Various usage of ‘Saran Wrap’

  • Preservation of meat (wrap and freeze)
  • Preservation of rice (wrap and freeze)
  • Reheat of soup (wrap and microwave)
  • Reheat of dishes (Wrap and microwave)
  • Making Onigiri (Wrap rice and ingredients)

‘Saran Wrap’ is essential item in daily life in Japan


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Saran Wrap’ in Japan

  • Very famous Plastic wrap in Japan
  • Started sales in 1960 in Japan, with license with USA company, Dow chenmical
  • Mainly used for food, preservation and reheating with microwaves


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Saran Wrap has large popularity in Japanese market. We often see TV commercial with pop sounds. It’s well known from children to elder persons. I use it almost everyday. It’s essential item in my life.


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