Utamaro Sekken | Popular soap very nice to wash heavy stain of dirt, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Utamaro Sekken’ as long seller products in Japan.

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What is ‘Utamaro Sekken’

‘Utamaro Sekken’ is popular long seller product in Japan. ‘Utamaro’ is product name and ‘Sekken’ means soap. The shape is cuboid, like a bricks. The color of soap is light blue, which is the trademark of ‘Utamaro Sekken’. This product is available at supermarkets, drugstores, sports shops, etc.

Basic knowledge of ‘Utamaro Sekken’

  • Very popular soap in Japan
  • The shape is cuboid, like a brick
  • The color is light blue
  • Available at supermarkets, drugstores, sports shops, etc

I like color of ‘Utamaro Sekken’ very much !

History of ‘Utamaro Sekken’

‘Utamaro Sekken’ was developed in 1957. As the founder like Japanese Ukiyoe pictures, the product was named ‘Utamaro’ from name of famous painter. Initially, sales was made in eastern Japan, then expanded to western Japan. With repeated improvements, sales are still increasing. It became 5 times in 2010’s, compare with previous decades.

History of ‘Utamaro Sekken’

  • Started sales in 1957
  • The name is famous Japanese painter, Utamaro Kitagawa
  • Sales expanded from eastern Japan to western
  • Sales increased sharply in 2010’s

‘Utamaro Sekken’ is getting popular year by year in 21st century !

Strong points of ‘Utamaro Sekken’

The strong point of ‘Utamaro Sekken’ is power to clean up dirty, stains from dirt, which is evaluated by consumers. With ‘Utamaro Sekken’, we can wash various clothes, such as sports wear like baseball, football, rugby, while it’s difficult to wash with machines. And also, we can wash shoes with ‘Utamaro Sekken’. It’s very nice for hand washing.

More information about ‘Utamaro Sekken’

  • High power to clean up
  • Especially to dirty and stains coming from dirt
  • Nice to wash sporting wear, like baseball, rugby, football etc
  • Also nice to wash shoes, especially to school shoes
  • Helpful to make hand washing

I wash ‘Uwabaki’ of my sons every weekend, with ‘Utamaro Sekken’


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Utamaro Sekken’ in Japan

  • Famous soap with light green color
  • Started sales in 1957
  • Sales increasing since 2010’s
  • High power to clean up, especially dirty and stains coming from dirt


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