[Japanese Brand] NTT docomo / No.1 mobile phone carrier in Japan


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What is NTT docomo

quotation source : https://docomoshop.co.jp/akasaka/

NTT docomo is the service provider of mobile phone who has largest share, approximately 40% , with 80 millions of contracts in Japanese market. We call it as ‘docomo’ generally. Docomo has network of ‘docomo shop’ all over Japan. ‘docomo’ with red lower case letter is the logo of docomo.

Basic information about NTT docomo

  • Mobile phone carrier in Japan
  • Largest share in Japanese market
  • Called as ‘docomo’ by Japanese
  • ’docomo shop’ all over Japan
  • Red lower case letter is the trademark


quotation source : http://history-s.nttdocomo.co.jp/list_mobile.html

NTT docomo was originally part of Japan Telegraph and Telephone Public corporation. They provided service of pager and car phone in initial stage. In 1993, as per government order, NTT docomo was separated from NTT. In 1999, the service ‘i mode (closed network for mobile phones)’ was started, which was innovative at that time.

History of NTT docomo

  • 1968 Started service of pager as part of NTT
  • 1979 Started car-phone service as part of NTT
  • 1993 Separated from NTT
  • 1999 Started service ‘i mode’
  • 2013 Started sales of i phone

More information about NTT docomo

quotation source : https://dpoint.jp/guide/index.html

NTT docomo still try to develop new business field around mobile phone network in Japan. They started 5G service since 2020 and its network is expanded day by day. And NTT docomo provides various services, ‘d points’ ‘d-barai (payment service), shopping site, insurance, on demand video, etc. These are supported by users of docomo.

Various services by NTT docomo

  • d barai (payment service)
  • d point (loyalty program)
  • d shopping
  • d delivery (food delivery)
  • d travel


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


We see docomo shops in city area.

What is ‘NTT docomo’ in Japan

  • Largest mobile phone operator in Japan
  • Started service in 1968
  • Providing various services, payment, shipping, travel, etc


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