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It’s very cold in February…


Yes, it is.


I want to know what Japanese do in this cold month.


No problem, I would like to introduce top 5 events in February !

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February 2nd (3rd until 2020) is the day of ‘Setsubun’. The main event of ‘Setsubun’ is ‘Mame-Maki’ (Throwing beans). It’s said that with beans, we can defeat ‘Oni’ (demon) as symbol of invisible bad things .

Other than ‘Mame Maki’ event, there’s a tradition in ‘Setsubun’. People eat ‘Eho Maki’ as rolled sushi, toward to good direction to invite happiness. Direction is changing every year.


We can get beans for ‘Mame-Maki’ easily in this period !

Valentine day

‘Valentine day’ is very popular in Japan. However, it might be different from other countries. In Japan, this is the day mainly for women to give chocolate mainly to men, with love or thanks.

In beginning of February, the market of chocolate is booming. A lot of chocolate are on the shelf in department stores, convenience stores, etc. It’s not religious day, in Japan.


I didn’t like this event in my school age…


The year of Japanese schools and universities are started from April. So generally, entrance examination is starting from January. And February is the peak of examination in Japan.

In beginning of February, a lot of students have examinations to enter their desired schools. The business around ‘Jyuken’ is booming. For example, cheering messages is printed on the package of chocolate, etc.


Juken is very big event in Japanese life !

Ski & Snowboarding

February is the peak season of snowfall in Japan. Especially, in mountain side, there are more than 2 meters of snowfall. So there are many of resorts opening for skiing and snowboarding.

Recently, due to global warming, the area having heavy snowfall is getting smaller than the past. So some of ski resorts are closed unfortunately.


Japanese enjoy winter sports in February !

Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (Snow festival)

In beginning of February, there is very famous festival in Sapporo city, ‘Sapporo Yuki Matsuri’ in Japan. Sapporo is located in northern part of Japan where is severe winter weather.

In this festival, we can see a lot of sculptures made from snow and ices in Sapporo city. This festival was started in 1950. As it has long history, it’s very famous in Japan.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


In February it is still cold in Japan

Major events in February in Japan

  • Setsubun day
  • Valentine day
  • Jyuken season
  • Ski & Snowboard
  • Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (Snow festival)


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