‘Go To Travel’ – Hot Topic in Japan / 3rd week of July


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In this week, a political measure, ‘Go To Travel’ was started by Japanese government in this week. It’s talk of the town, a lot of TV program take up this topic.

In this article, I would like to introduce what is ‘Go To Travel’ in Japan with description of latest situation, as hot topic of this week.

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What is ‘Go To Travel’

quotation source : https://www.jre-travel.com/lp/goto/ 

’Go To Travel’ is political measure to support tourist industry which is severely damaged by COVID-19. Government make financial support to Japanese people to make domestic travel, except citizens of Tokyo.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Go To Travel’

  • Political measure to save travel industry
  • Government subsidies Max. ¥20,000 per night
  • Effective from 22nd. July
  • Mega budget, ¥1.67 trillion (approx $15 billion)
  • Tokyo citizens are exempt from government support

Story of ‘Go To Travel’

quotation source : https://www.his-j.com/kokunai/campaign 

In starting of ‘Go To Travel’ measure, government changed its policy again and again, without any explanation to people. It makes everybody in confusion, even for workers in tourist industry.

History of ‘Go To Travel’

  • 4/7 Cabinet decided to start this measure ‘After pandemic of COVID-19 ended’
  • 7/10 Government suddenly announced date to launch ‘Go To Travel’ as 7/22
  • In July, number of infected person is sharply increased, especially in Tokyo area
  • 7/16 Government removed Tokyo citizens from scope of support for ‘Go To Travel’

Opinions and insights

quotation source : https://news.yahoo.co.jp/polls/domestic/41519/result

According to opinion poll by Yahoo Japan, 92.8 % of people think that this measure should be postponed. People don’t understand why government enhances movement of people, while COVID-19 is still prevalent.

Opinion, insights around ‘Go To Travel’

  • Dissenting opinion
    • Priority is to exterminate COVID-19
    • Too early to enhance movement
    • This is violation of cabinet decision
    • Patronage politics, by big name politician
    • Not fair for citizens of Tokyo
  • Support opinions
    • Tourist industry will be collapsed if measure is postponed


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


I have not used ‘Go To Travel’ yet…

What is ‘Go To Travel’ in Japan

  • Political measure to save travel industry
  • Government subsidies Max. ¥20,000 per night
  • More than 90% of Japanese citizens think that it should be postponed


How was the topic today ?

I personally have opinion that it’s not a time to enhance movement of people. And it’s not fair to support tourist industry with mega budget. I strongly doubt patronage politics, although nobody knows truth….

I hope you can get some knowledge about ‘Go To Travel’ in Japan, as very hot topic as of July.

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