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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Golden Week’ in Japan

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What is Golden Week

‘Golden Week’ is a week when there are four national holidays, starting in end of April to beginning of May. ‘Golden Week’ period is a very good season generally, not cold, nor too hot, nor rainy season. So people enjoy various activities in this season.

Basic knowledge of ‘Golden Week’

  • Many National holidays in ‘Golden Week’
    • 29th. April as ‘Showa day’
    • 3rd. May as ‘Constitution day’
    • 4th. May as ‘Green day’
    • 5th. May as ‘Children day’
  • Comfortable weather expected generally


It is said that the word ‘Golden Week’ was created by people who were in cinema circles. In 1951, there were some blockbusters in this period. So it was ‘Golden’ for their industry. In 1952-53, the word, ‘Golden Week’ is spread all over Japan.

History of ‘Golden Week’

  • ‘Golden Week’ is names by Cinema industry
  • In 1950’s, its name was spread to all over Japan
  • 1973 Set law to institute substitute public holiday
  • 1990’s 5 days working in a week was popularized
  • May Day is not a national holiday in Japan

More information about Golden Week


As a lot of companies and schools are closed, Japanese move around both domestic and international in ‘Golden Week’. There are many people coming to tourists spots in Japan, where a lot of festivals are held in ‘Golden Week’.

Destinations for Japanese in Golden Week

  • Famous events in Japan
    • Sakura Festival in Aomori
    • Hakata Dontaku in Fukuoka
    • Flower Festival in Hiroshima
  • Popular tourist spot out of Japan
    • Taiwan
    • Hawaii
    • S.East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore)
    • Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain)


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


I’m looking forward to ‘Golden Week’

What is ‘Golden Week’ in Japan

  • The period with much national holidays in end of Apr to beginning of May
  • In 1950’s, its name was spread to all over Japan
  • Many of Japanese go abroad in this period


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Above article is about ‘usual’ Golden Week. Unfortunately, in 2020, as the emergency statements were declared by the government, Japanese people should have kept ‘Stay home’ and could not go anywhere in Japan. I really hope that we could enjoy Golden Week in next year.

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