[TOP 5] Instagram – Number of followers in Japan

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I have started Instagram !


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I want to know Japanese influencers in Instagram !


No problem, I would like to introduce popular accounts of Instagram !

With reading of this page, you will get above listed knowledges as well as Japanese have. I will be very glad if you could read this article to the end.

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Naomi Watanabe (watanabenaomi703)

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Ms. Naomi Watanabe is famous comedian, actress, singer, and dancer in Japan. She has multiple talents and international experiences, these are supported by Japanese people.

  • Followers : 9.5 millions
  • Comedian, actress, singer, and dancer
  • With much international experience

She has wonderful power !

Rola (rolaofficial)

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Rola is very famous fashion model in Japan. In the past, she was on TV program very much, however recently not. She is now in USA and sharing the charms with Instagram.

  • Followers : 6.7 millions
  • Fashion Model
  • Very frank and friendly character

I like her friendly manners !

YUTA (yuu_taa_1026)

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YUTA is a member of NCT, as Korean based performance group. He established his account of Instagram in 2020 and got many of followers quickly.

  • Followers : 6.3 millions
  • Member of NCT as Korean based performer
  • Established Instagram account in 2020

Frankly speaking, I didn’t know him ….

Kiko Mizuhara (i_am_kiko)

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Ms. Kiko Mizuhara is famous fashion model and actress in Japan. She make various activities around fashion, movie, magazines, etc. Her information is supported by various people.

  • Followers : 5.9 millions
  • Fashion model, actress
  • Offering information about beauty

She is attractive person

Tomohisa Yamashita (Tomo.y9)

Quotation Sauce :Tomo.y9

Mr. Tomohisa Yamashita is famous singer and actor in Japan. He established his account of Instagram in 2019. And he got 1 million followers only with 7.5 hours.

  • Followers : 4.9 millions
  • Actor, Singer, Performer
  • Supported by younger women mainly

People call him ‘Yama-P’ with friendly manner !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article.

TOP 5 popular accounts of Instagram in Japan

  • Naomi Watanabe : 9.5 million followers
  • Rola : 6.7 million followers
  • Yuta : 6.3 million followers
  • Kiko Mizuhara : 5.9 million followers
  • Tomohisa Yamashita : 4.9 million followers


All of them are influencers with much power in Japan !

Thank you very much for your reading and see you again !