[Basic Knowledge] Kafun-sho / 25% of Japanese are suffering from it


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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Kafun-sho’ in Japan

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What is Kafun-sho

‘Kafun-sho’ is allergy to pollen, mainly against Japanese cedar and cypress. In beginning of spring, pollen of cedar is spread into the air. Then, people having allergy are suffering from sneezing and sniveling, itch on eyes. From end of February, predictions of the amount of pollen is broadcasted together with weather forecast.

Basic knowledge of ‘Kafun-sho’

  • Allergy mainly to cedar and cypress
  • Symptoms: sneezing and sniveling, itch on eyes.
  • Peak season is in March
  • Forecast of pollen amounts is broadcasted everyday


In the period of WW2 (1940’s), as Japanese cut a lot of trees for materials for the battles, we lost a lot of woods in the mountains. For recovery, in 1950’s, government promotes to plant cedars and cypress. As a result, pollen cover all over Japan, which caused ‘Kafun-sho’ in Japan.

History of ‘Kafun-sho’

  • Not popular before WWII
  • 1950’s Cedar and cypress planted all over Japan
  • 1960’s Symptoms of Kaguma-sho reported
  • Patients increased year by year
  • More than 25 millions of patients in Japan

More information about Kafun-sho

It is said that approximately 25% of Japanese has allergy of ‘Kafun-sho’. After spreading of cedar pollen, cypress start to release pollen into the air. The season of ‘Kafun-sho’ is continued from end of February to beginning of May. Under the circumstances, there are many kind of ‘Kafun-sho’ goods in Japan.

Items in Kafun-sho market in Japan

  • Masks, Glasses, to protect face
  • Air cleaner
  • Medicines
  • Wears
  • Herb tea, Foods


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


I have ‘Kafun-sho’….

What is ‘Kafun-sho’ in Japan

  • Allergy mainly to cedar and cypress
  • 1960’s, patients increased
  • Season is started in February ended in May


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I have actually allergy to cypress pollen, Kafun-sho. In every spring, I put mask on my mouth and nose, and having medicine every day. Spring is not good season, for the patients of Kafun-sho.

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