[Basic Knowledge] Line / Communication tool with large share in Japan


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  • to know what is ‘Line’ in Japan
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  • to get bits of knowledge about ‘Line’ in Japan

In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Line’ in Japan

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What is Line

LINE is one of major application mainly for communication, kind of SNS in Japan. There are more than 80 millions of active users in Japan, and it’s widely spread to Japanese society. For example, Japanese prime minister’s office has an account of this SNS.

Basic knowledge of ‘Line’

  • Smartphone application in Japan
  • Main function is communication
    • Messages
    • Phone call
    • SNS
  • More than 80 millions of user in Japan
  • Green colored icon is trademark


LINE was released in 2011 by NHN Japan which is subsidiary of Korean company. It is said that developers got hints from newscasts of great disaster, East Japan Great Earthquake in 2011, in which people were in severe difficulties to have communication each other.

History of ‘Line’

  • 2011 Application launched by NHN Japan
  • 2013 Number of user over 30 millions
  • 2014 Number of user over 40 millions
  • 2015 Number of user over 50 millions
  • 2017 Number of user over 70 millions

Services of Line

LINE launched various services around day to day communications. Description of news, selling of e-stamps, providing tool for cashless payment, etc. They are good challenger to win the competition with providing service with innovation.

Services of Line other than communication

  • Line News
  • Line Stamp
  • Line Pay (Cashless payment)
  • Line Manga
  • Line Game
  • Line mobile


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


I have communication mainly with ‘Line’

What is ‘Line’ in Japan

  • Very popular smartphone application in Japan
  • Launched in 2011
  • Various service available, phone, chat, Manga, game, mobile phone, etc


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Line is one of very popular smartphone application. Actually, I install this application to my smartphone and have communication with my family and friends. As line has large share already, it’s easy to start communication with new friends, with this application.

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