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Hina-Matsuri is the day to celebrate the growth of girls. It’s on 3rd. March, in different name, ‘Momo no Sekku (the day of peach blossom)’. People celebrate with displaying ‘Hina Ningyo’ like above picture.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Hina-Matsuri’

  • Traditional event from 9th or 10th century
  • It’s on 3rd. March
  • To celebrate the growth of girls
  • Displaying ‘Hina-Ningyo’
  • Eating ‘Hina-Arate’ (rice crackers)
  • Also eating ‘Chirashi Sushi’ (kind of Sushi)

Hina Ningyo is so beautiful !


quotation source : https://www.jiji.com/sp/d4?p=lat216&d=d4_quake

At 14:46 in 11th. March in 2011, there was mega-earthquake in eastern part of Japan. After the earthquake, super Tsunami hit the seaside area. As a result, more than 18,000 of people died or missed in this disaster. 3.11 is unforgettable day for Japanese.

Bits of knowledge about ‘3.11’

  • Day of disaster, Earthquake & Tsunami in 2011
  • More than 18,000 people death or missing
  • Government hold memorial ceremony every year
  • At 14:46, train stopped as drill for emergency case in eastern Japan
  • Remind Japanese of the catastrophe and importance of preparation

I never forget 3.11….

White day

‘White day’ is on 14th. March, as the counter event against ‘Valentine day’, in Japan. Men give gifts to women as return of ‘Valentine day’. It’s original event in Japan.

Bits of knowledge about White day

  • White day is on 14th. March
  • Counter event of Valentine day
  • Men give return gift to women generally
  • Major Gifts are candy, marshmallow, chocolate
  • Japanese original event
  • Started since 1970’s

White day and Valentine day are in a set !

Sotsugyo Shiki

‘Sotsugyo Shiki’ is Graduation Ceremony in Japan. As Japanese school year is starting in April and ending in March, Graduation ceremony is generally made in March.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Sotsugyo Shiki’

  • It’s graduation ceremony in Japan
  • It’s in March, as school year ends in this month
  • This event established in 1870’s
  • In 2020, it was minimized or cancelled due to COVID-19, in most of schools

March is a season to end various things !


‘Kafun-sho’ is allergy to pollen, mainly against Japanese cedar and cypress. In beginning of spring, pollen of cedar is spread into the air. Then, people having allergy are suffering from sneezing and sniveling, itch on eyes.

The peak of ‘Kafun-sho’ is in March, generally. We can see a lot of people wearing mask on the street. And in weather forecasts on TV program, we can see predictions of amount of pollen of cedar every day.


I have Kafun-sho, March is tough month indeed…


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

Major events in March in Japan

  • Hina Matsuri
  • 3.11
  • White day
  • Sotsugyo shiki
  • Kafun-sho


In March, it is getting warm in Japan


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