[Japanese Brand] WORKMAN / You can find wear for outdoor, at WORKMAN as famous apparel retailer in Japan

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I’m looking for new wear for my outside work


What’s your demand for it ?


Strong, waterproof, warm, reasonable price…..


Wow, O.K, I would like to introduce apparel retailer, ‘workman’ in Japan, which will meet your demand !

This page is about

  • Apparel retailer ‘workman’ in Japan
  • History of ‘workman’ in Japan
  • New style, ‘workman+’ in Japan

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What is Workman

quotation source : https://workman.jp/shop/g/g2300031208177/

Workman is the chain store of apparel mainly for blue colored workers. There are many products with reasonable prices, such as working clothes, raincoat, shoes, rain boots, work gloves, etc. Workman is supported by Japanese workers and has largest sales in this category.

Basic information about Workman

  • Chain stores of working items
  • Items in Workman
    • Working clothes
    • Working boots, gloves
    • Raincoat, boots
    • Other working relevant goods
  • Largest sales in this category


quotation source : https://www.workman.co.jp/ビジネス情報/歴史・沿革

Workman was established in 1980 in Gunma. In this year, first shop was opened. In 1980-90’s, number of stores were increased year by year. The product is with good quality and reasonable price, Workman is supported by consumers and keep developing in Japanese market.

History of Workman

  • 1980 Established in Gunma
  • 1988 Number of stores became 100
  • 1998 Number of stores became 400
  • 2006 Number of stores became 700
  • As of 2020, Number of stores 868

Workman + (Workman plus)

quotation source : https://www.workman.co.jp/store/ワークマン女子コレットマーレ店

Workman made various items with strong and good quality long time. Initially, customers were mainly workers. However, recently, Workman products are evaluated by non-workers. So Workman established new line, ‘Workman plus’ in 2018, mainly for non-workers.

Information about Workman plus

  • Not only for workers, but also non-workers
  • Same quality as Workman products
    • Strong
    • Good for outdoor (Waterproof, etc)
    • High mobility
  • And, reasonable price


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Workman’ in Japan

  • Chain store for working items, mainly for blue colored workers
  • Established in 1980
  • Started sales of casual wear, which is significantly developing


My son wear jacket of ‘Workman’, which is high quality.


That’s all today.
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Number of ‘Workman plus’ is increased recently. I bought waterproof jacket for my kids, which is really nice. They enjoyed to watch the football game in rainy day, with Workman products. I would like to buy it for myself.

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