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What is ‘Book Off’

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‘Book off’ is the most famous second hand book stores in Japan. We can buy and sell any kind of books, Manga, Nobels, Magazines, Photo-books, etc, at ‘Book off’. The large signboard with orange and navy blue is trademark of ‘Book off’.

Basic information about ‘Book off’

  • Second hand book store
  • Chain store all over Japan
  • Buy and sell various kind of books
  • Orange and navy blue signboard is the trademark

We can find old rare book sometimes in ‘Book off’

History of ‘Book Off’

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‘Book off’ was established in 1990, in Sagamihara city in Kanagawa prefecture. In 1990’s, number of stores were drastically increased, as pioneer of chain stores of second hand books in Japan. Although the pace of development slow down recently, as of 2020, there are approximately 800 of ‘Book off’ stores in Japan.

History of ‘Book off’

  • 1990 Opened 1st store in Kanagawa prefecture
  • 1994 Number of stores over 100
  • 1998 Number of stores over 300
  • 2000 Number of stores over 500
  • 2003 Number of stores over 700

‘Book off’ is well-known as dealer of 2nd hand goods, in Japan !

Dealing Items of ‘Book Off’

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In developing of company, ‘Book Off’ expands their field of business. Other than books, ‘Book off’ started dealing with various second hand items, clothes, hardware, electrical goods, CD, DVD, music instrument, etc, with establishing sub-brand, ‘Book off plus’ in some cases.

‘Book Off’ other than book

  • Second hand clothes
  • Used electrical goods
  • Used computer
  • Used game, software
  • Used music instruments

We can find various items at ‘Book off’ !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Book off’ in Japan

  • Chained store, for second hand books
  • Established in 1990
  • Orange & Navy Blue signboard is the trademark
  • Second hand clothes, DVDs, Game, computers, etc are available


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Dealing with second hand book is very popular in Japan. Actually, I often go to ‘Book off’ to buy some Manga books there. Recently, market is moving to internet services, however, there are still a lot of deals at ‘Book off’.


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