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What is ‘Daily Yamazaki’ ??

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What is ‘Daily Yamazaki’ ?

‘Daily Yamazaki’ is the 5th largest convenience store in Japan.

There are approximately 1,200 of ‘Daily Yamazaki’ in Japan, while there’s still no ‘Daily Yamazaki’ in some of prefectures, like Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kagoshima, etc.

Red and yellow colored signboard is the trademark of Daily Yamazaki.

What is Daily Yamazaki
  • 5th largest convenience store in Japan
  • Approximately 1,200 of ‘Daily Yamazaki’ in Japan
  • In some prefectures, No ‘Daily Yamazaki’
  • Red and Yellow signboard is the trademark

Deep Diving into Daily Yamazaki in Japan

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‘Yamazaki’ is coming from the name of owner company of Daily Yamazaki.

Daily Yamazaki is operated by Yamazaki Baking, as the largest manufacturer of bread in Japan.

Reference : Yamazaki Baking webpage

Daily Yamazaki has more than 40 years of history in Japan.

‘Sun-every’ as one of predecessor store of ‘Daily Yamazaki’ was open in 1977. And another one, ‘Yamazaki Daily store’ was opened in 1978.

Both companies were unified in 1982.

  • 1977 Sun every was opened
  • 1978 Yamazaki daily store was opened
  • 1982 Both companies were unified
  • 1999 Brand name was unified to Daily Yamazaki

In 1980’s, number of stores were drastically increased. In 1983, number of stores became 1,000, and in 1989, became 2,000.

In 21st century, number is decreased, however, still in 5th largest position.

Reference : CVS walker webpage

The products of Yamazaki Baking are available in Daily Yamazaki.

Yamazaki Baking products

  • Bread
  • Japanese confectionery
  • Christmas Cake

In ‘Daily Yamazaki’, we can buy various kind of bread, because ‘Daily Yamazaki’ is operated by Yamazaki baking, as one of major manufacturer of bread in Japan.

In Christmas season, we can buy Christmas cake made by Yamazaki baking, which is also one of the reason why this store is supported by consumers.

Author’s research

In Daily Yamazaki, various services are provided.

  • Receiving Agent
    • Tax
    • Utility costs
    • Mobile phone fee, etc
  • ATM
  • Copy, Printing
  • Dispatch of package
  • Sales of Disposal Fee Prepaid Label
  • Sales of stamps

Author’s research

I would like to recommend to have foods of Daily Yamazaki.

The quality of foods, like bread, sandwiches, Bento Boxes are really nice, compare with other convenience store chains. Because Daily Yamazaki provide in-store-cooking system in most of stores.

Quotation Sauce:Yamazaki Baking webpage
Quotation Sauce:Yamazaki Baking webpage


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