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  • What is ‘FamilyMart’ in Japan
  • History of ‘FamilyMart’ in Japan
  • What we can get at ‘FamilyMart’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘FamilyMart’ in Japan

You may get knowledge of ‘FamilyMart’ in Japan, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !

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What is ‘FamilyMart’

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‘FamilyMart’ is the second largest convenience store chain in Japan (No.1 = Seven Eleven). Market share is approximately 27% and there are more than 16,000 of ‘FamilyMart’ in Japan. ‘FamilyMart’ operate convenience store in all of prefectures in Japan. The signboard with green and light blue is the trademark of ‘FamilyMart’.

Basic information about ‘FamilyMart’

  • 2nd largest convenience store in Japan
  • Market share is approximately 27%
  • More than 16,000 of FamilyMart in Japan
  • Green and blue signboard is the trademark
  • People call it as ‘Famima’ in short in Japan

We can see ‘FamilyMart’ almost all over Japan !

History of ‘FamilyMart’

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In 1978, predecessor company of ‘FamilyMart’ started convenience store in Saitama. In 1981, name was changed to ‘FamilyMart’. In 1987, number of stores became 1,000. In 2009, ‘FamilyMart’ acquired competitor, ‘am/pm’ and 2014, acquired ‘Circle K sunkus’. As a result, ‘FamilyMart’ got current place in Japan.

History of ‘FamilyMart’

  • 1978 Opened convenience store in Saitama
  • 1981 Name changed to ‘FamilyMart’
  • 1987 Number of stores became 1,000
  • 2009 Acquired competitor, am/pm
  • 2014 Acquired competitor, Circle K Sunkus

‘FamilyMart’ is surviving in competition of Convenience store business in Japan !

What we can get at ‘FamilyMart’

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The major product of ‘FamilyMart’ is ‘Fami-Chiki’. It’s a fried chicken by ‘FamilyMart’, which is very popular and generally sold next to the cash register. And ‘Yakitori’ as grilled chicken is also popular. Other than that, ‘FamilyMart’ provides various products and services to consumers.

More information about ‘FamilyMart’

  • Major products
    • Fami-Chiki (Fried Chicken)
    • Yakitori (Grilled Chicken)
  • Various services at ‘FamilyMart’
    • Dispatch of package
    • Cash dispenser
    • Payment of utility charges, tax
    • Copying machines, etc

I would recommend you to try ‘Famichiki’, if you have opportunity in Japan


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘FamilyMart’ in Japan

  • 2nd largest convenience store chain in Japan
  • Blue and Green colored signboard is the trademark
  • Established in 1978
  • ‘Yakitori’ as grilled chicken, ‘Famichiki’ as fried chicken are very popular


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Approximately 25years ago, I worked in FamilyMart as part time job. Compare with that time, FamilyMart is drastically developed. I go to FamilyMart near to my house, it’s very convenient for me.


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