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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ in Japan

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‘IRIS OHYAMA’ is famous manufacturer in Japan. They make various items, like interior products, office equipment, lighting, electrical goods, gardening, pet related products, rice, etc. We can buy item of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’, both through various retailers and directly by web page of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’.

Basic information about ‘IRIS OHYAMA’

  • Famous manufacturer in Japan
  • Making various items
    • Office equipment, interior materials
    • Lightning, electrical goods
    • Daily necessities, pet goods, etc
  • Available at retailers and internet store

Various items are available at ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ !

History of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’

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Predecessor company of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ was established in 1958 in Osaka. Initially, they made plastic products as subcontractor. In 1980’s, ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ started to make items for retailers, gardening products and pet related items. In 2000’s, they started to make electronic products. The industrial field of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ is still expanding year by year.

History of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’

  • 1958 Established in Osaka as factory of plastic
  • 1980’s Started making products for retailers
  • 1991 Company name changed to ‘IRIS OHYAMA’
  • 2000’s Started making electronic products
  • 2010’s Development is lightning product

‘IRIS OHYAMA’ is significantly developed in 21st century !

Advantage of products of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’

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From the view of consumer, the products of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ is very attractive, especially for electrical products. IRIS OHYAMA employ a lot of engineers, who got laid-off by Japanese manufacturer in restructure of the business. As a result, ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ is developing in the industry of electronic products, significantly.

Significant development of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’

  • Japanese manufacturers laid off a lot of engineers
  • IRIS OHYAMA employed these engineers
  • IRIS OHYAMA released many electronic products
  • With support of consumers, ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ is significantly developing in this field

The opportunity to see products of ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ is increasing recently in Japan.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ in Japan

  • Famous manufacturer in Japan
  • IRIS in red in heart is the trademark
  • Established in 1958, and developing sharply in recent years
  • Employing engineers laid-off by Japanese electronic makers


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For me, the products of IRIS OHYAMA is attractive. Especially, for electronic products, it’s reasonable price compare with existing manufacturers. The products of IRIS OHYAMA is always with less useless functions than competitors.


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