LAWSON | 3rd largest convenience store in Japan, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘LAWSON’ in Japan

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What is ‘LAWSON’

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‘LAWSON’ is the second largest convenience store chain in Japan (No.1 = Seven Eleven). Market share is approximately 20% and there are more than 14,000 of ‘LAWSON’ in Japan. ‘LAWSON’ operate convenience store in all of prefectures in Japan. The blue signboard with milk bottle is the trademark of ‘LAWSON’.

Basic information about ‘LAWSON’

  • 3rd largest convenience store in Japan
  • Market share is approximately 20%
  • More than 14,000 of LAWSON in Japan
  • Blue signboard with milk bottle is the trademark

We can see ‘LAWSON’ almost all cities in Japan !

History of ‘LAWSON’

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‘LAWSON’ was originally two different chain, ‘LAWSON’ and ‘Sun-Chain’. In 1975, first ‘LAWSON’ was opened in Osaka Japan. In next year, first ‘Sun-Chain’ was opened. They were merged in 1989. In 1990’s, ‘LAWSON’ was drastically developed. number of stores became 7,000, in end of 90’s. ‘LAWSON’ got high popularity in Japan.

History of ‘LAWSON’

  • 1975 First ‘LAWSON’ opened
  • 1976 First ‘Sun-Chain’ opened
  • 1989 They were merged
  • 1999 Number of stores became 7,000
  • 2011 Number of stores became 10,000

‘LAWSON’ is quite well known in Japan !

Popular Products in ‘LAWSON’

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The popular product of ‘LAWSON’ is dessert. When we type ‘LAWSON’ in Japanese, the word ‘Sweets’ is coming next to ‘LAWSON’. ‘Roll cake’ and ‘Basque style Cheesecake’ are very popular in Japan. Other than that, ‘Kara-age kun’ as fried chicken is also very popular in Japanese market.

Popular products of ‘LAWSON’

  • LAWSON sweets
    • Roll cake
    • Basque style cheesecake
    • Eclair
  • Kara-age kun as fried chicken

Rolled cake by ‘LAWSON’ is nice.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘LAWSON’ in Japan

  • 3rd largest convenience store chain in Japan
  • Blue colored signboard is the trademark
  • Established in 1975
  • Sweet desserts and Fried chicken are famous in Japan


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There is LAWSON on the way from my apartment to station. So I often go to LAWSON. ‘Basque style cheesecake’ is really nice for me. I have it when I am really tired and want to have something sweet.


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