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I wrote this article to introduce ‘Ministop’, as popular Japanese donut restaurant and to clear your question about it.

I would like to explain about the topic with mainly two parts.

  • Introduction of ‘Ministop’ in Japan
  • Deep Diving with Q & A style
    • History
    • Origin of the name
    • Popular products
    • ‘Eat-in space’, etc

In first part, you can get basic information about ‘Ministop’ in Japan.

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What is ‘MINISTOP’ ?

‘MINISTOP’ is the 4th largest convenience store, following ‘Seven-Eleven’, ‘FamilyMart’, and ‘LAWSON’.

There are approximately 2,000 of ‘MINISTOP’ in Japan. while in some area, like Hokkaido, Okinawa, etc, there are No ‘MINISTOP’.

‘MINISTOP’ is one of member of AEON group, which is the largest retailer in Japan. Yellow and blue signboard is the trademark of ‘MINISTOP’.

Introduction of MINISTOP
  • 4th largest convenience store in Japan
  • Approximately 2000 of ‘MINISTOP’ in Japan
  • In some area, still No ‘MINISTOP’, Hokkaido, Okinawa, etc
  • Yello and blue signboard is the trademark

Deep Diving into MINISTOP in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about ‘MINISTOP’ in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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MINISTOP has more then 40 years of history in Japan.

‘MINISTOP’ was established in 1980 and first store was opened in same year, in Yokohama. In 1981, expanded in Kanto area (Tokyo and suburbs).

And in 1982, developed in Tokai area (Nagoya and suburbs). In 1990’s, expanded to other areas and number of stores of ‘MINISTOP’ became more than 1,000.

In 2009, it became 2,000, after that, still keeping higher level in Japan.

  • 1980 Established and first store opened in Yokohama
  • 1985 Number of stores became 100
  • 1994 Number of stores became 500
  • 1998 Number of stores became 1000
  • 2009 Number of stores became 2000

Sauce : ministop webpage

MINISTOP is coming from ‘Minutes Stop’.

The concept of MINISTOP is ‘a shop on street corner’, where people feel free to drop in.

For easy pronunciation and remembering for Japanese People, ‘Minutes Stop’ was transformed into ‘MINISTOP’.

Sauce : ministop webpage

The popular product of MINISTOP is soft cream and relevant foods.

Soft Cream, Cream parfait with seasonal fruits are provided at counter of MINISTOP. In summer season, ‘Halo Halo’, as kind of shaved ice is available in MINISTOP.

Cold ice products are very popular in MINISTOP.

Quotation Sauce:ministop webpage

Author’s research

In MINISTOP, various services are provided.

  • Receiving Agent
    • Tax
    • Utility costs
    • Mobile phone fee, etc
  • Issuance of ticket
    • Concert, Sports event, movie, etc
    • Bus, Airplane
    • toto (Sports lottery)
  • ATM
  • Copy, Printing
  • Dispatch of package
  • Sales of Disposal Fee Prepaid Label
  • Sales of stamps

Author’s research in Yokohama city

MINISTOP has small dining area in all of stores in Japan. Dining area is called as ‘Eat-in space’ in Japanese. People can eat products of MINISTOP at ‘Eat-in space’.

Quotation Sauce:ministop webpage

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