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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Nitori’ in Japan

You may get knowledge of ‘Nitori’ in Japan, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !


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What is ‘Nitori’

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‘NITORI’ is a furniture and interior store with No.1 sales in Japan. The large signboard with emerald green is catching eyes of passerby. This company is very famous in Japan, with catch copy ‘Onedan E-jo’ which means ‘(value is) More than the price’.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Nitori’

  • Furniture and interior stores
  • Largest sales in furniture industry in Japan
  • Emerald green signboard is trademark
  • Products are with very reasonable price
  • Design is rather simple

‘Nitori’ supports Japanese Life with reasonable furnitures !

History of ‘Nitori’

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‘NITORI’ was established in 1972 by founder, Mr. Akio Nitori in Sapporo city in northern part of Japan. He made great management in this company. Income and profit were increased more than 30 consecutive years. As a result, they got No.1 share in Japan.

History of Nitori

  • 1972 Established by Mr. Akio Nitori in Sapporo
  • 1989 Listed in stock market
  • 2003 Number of stores over 100
  • 2012 Number of stores over 300
  • As of 2020, 541 stores in Japan, 66 outside Japan
  • 2032 Target 3,000 stores all over the world

‘Nitori’ was sharply developed in 21st century !

Various Products of ‘Nitori’

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From the view of consumer, the strong point of ‘NITORI’ product is reasonable price. Nitori provide various products in their stores. There are two types of Nitori, large store in suburbs and smaller in downtown area. We can enjoy shopping in Nitori in various locations in Japan.

Products of Nitori

  • Furniture (Desk, Table, Bed, Sofa, Bookshelf, etc)
  • Interior (Carpet, Curtains, Luminaire etc)
  • Electrical Goods (Refrigerator, Microwave, etc)
  • Others
    • Dishes, Pans, Pots, Chopsticks, Cups, etc
    • Hanger, Brushes, Mirrors, Poles, etc
    • Towels, Shirts, Wears, Masks, etc

We can get everything to start new life with ‘Nitori’ products !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Nitori’ in Japan

  • Vary famous retailer, mainly furniture, in Japan
  • Established in 1972
  • Name is coming from founder, Mr. Akio Nitori
  • Various items available, Furnitures, Interior, Electrical goods, etc


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‘Nitori’ is nice store for people to start new life. They can get all of necessary items at ‘Nitori’, furniture, electrical goods, dishes, etc. I live in near to ‘Nitori’. So I frequently go there. I actually bought water bottle at ‘Nitori’ in this week. You can feel Japanese life, at ‘Nitori’.


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