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What is ‘Takashimaya’

quotation source : https://www.takashimaya.co.jp/shopping/gift/story/FA13963/FA14278/

‘Takashimaya’ is very famous department store in Japan. Although department store industry is shrinking year by year, ‘Takashimaya’ still has approximately 800 billion yen of sales in a year. ‘Taka’ in Kanji word in red circle is trademark of ‘Takashimaya’. And Takashimaya’s paper bag printed roses is well known in Japan.

Basic information about ‘Takashimaya’

  • Famous department store in Japan
  • Still having large sales
  • ‘Taka’ in red circle is trademark of ‘Takashimaya’
  • Paper bag with roses is also trademark

We can find ‘Takashimaya’ mainly in large cities !

History of ‘Takashimaya’

quotation source : https://www.takashimaya.co.jp/shiryokan/history/

‘Takashimaya’ was established in 1831 in Kyoto, as dealer of Kimono (Japanese traditional wear). In 1887, established department of foreign trade. In end of 19th century, opened new stores in Osaka and Tokyo. After WWII, ‘Takashimaya’ was opened in various cities and got popularity all over Japan.

History of ‘Takashimaya’

  • 1831 Established in Kyoto as dealer of Kimono
  • 1899 Opened new store in Osaka
  • 1900 Opened new store in Tokyo
  • 1952 Roses printed on wrapping paper
  • 2021 To be 190th anniversary

‘Takashimaya’ has long history and quite well known in Japan !

What we can get at ‘Takashimaya’

quotation source : https://www.takashimaya.co.jp/yokohama/businesshours/

We can enjoy shopping at ‘Takashimaya’, as typical department store in Japan. There are various kinds of items on sales, foods, gifts, cosmetics, bags, jewelry, clothes, furnitures, pictures, travel, etc. ‘Takashimaya’ is usually with multiple floors. Many people are coming to ‘Takashimaya’ for shopping.

Floors in ‘Takashimaya’ (Sample, of Yokohama)

  • RF Play ground, Garden
  • 8F Gallery, Restaurant
  • 7F Interior, Gift Card, Bridal
  • 6F Toys, Photo studio, Clothes for men, kids
  • 2-5F Clothes, accessories for women
  • 1F (GF) Cosmetics
  • BF Foods

The merchandise in ‘Takashimaya’ is always rather high quality


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Takashimaya’ in Japan

  • Famous department store in Japan, with trademark of roses
  • Papar bag with picture of Roses is the trademark
  • Established in 1831
  • Various items are available, clothes, accessories, cosmetics, furnitures, etc


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Takashimaya is very famous department store. Frankly speaking, price is high. However, quantity of items are quite good. So I went there for shopping to buy something with high quality, like gift to someone or items expected to use long time.


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