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In this page, I would like to make brief explanation about ‘UNIQLO’ as largest apparel brand in Japan.

You may get knowledge of ‘UNIQLO’, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !


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What is ‘UNIQLO’

quotation source : https://www.uniqlo.com/jp/ja/contents/feature/shop/kichijoji/

‘UNIQLO’ is the largest chain store of apparel in Japan. There are many products with reasonable prices, for all of people, men, women, and children. We can see so many ‘UNIQLO’ stores all over Japan, at roadside, station building, shopping malls, etc. Red square logo with alphabet or Katakana words is the trademark of ‘UNIQLO’

Basic information about ‘UNIQLO’

  • Largest apparel manufacturer and retailer in Japan
  • For all people, men, women, and children
  • Available at roadside, station building, shopping malls, etc
  • Red square logo with alphabet or Katakana words is the trademark of ‘UNIQLO’

We can see ‘UNIQLO’ in so many cities in Japan !

History of ‘UNIQLO’

quotation source : https://www.uniqlo.com/jp/ja/contents/feature/shop/kichijoji/

The predecessor company of ‘UNIQLO’ was established in 1949 in Yamaguchi Japan, as retailer of men’s clothes. In 1984, first ‘UNIQLO’ was opened in Hiroshima, as unisex apparel retailer. In 1990’s, increasing ratio of own manufactured products and developed significantly. In 2000’s, with continuous improvements of design and quality, ‘UNIQLO’ got extra ordinal support by consumers.

History of ‘UNIQLO’

  • 1984 First UNIQLO was opened in Hiroshima
  • 1993-4 Number of stores became 100
  • 2000-1 Number of stores became 500
  • 2004-5 Number of stores became 1,000
  • As of 2020, 2,252 UNIQLO in Japan

‘UNIQLO’ is still developing not only in Japan, but also other countries !

quotation source : https://www.uniqlo.com/customize-news/mb/news/1414/

‘UNIQLO’ made various kind of mega-hit products in Japanese market again and again. In 1998-99, ‘UNIQLO’ sold more than 10 millions of fleece jackets. In 2003, heat-tech shirts, and in 2012, AIRism shirts recoeded mega-sales. And these products became standard item of ‘UNIQLO’. ‘UNIQLO’ continues to supply attractive products to the market.

Very popular items of ‘UNIQLO’

  • Fleece jacket (warm)
  • Heat tech (shirts, warm)
  • AIRism (shirts, cool)
  • Ultra light down jacket (warm)

Quality of ‘UNIQLO’ products is really nice


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘UNIQLO’ in Japan

  • Largest apparel brand in Japan
  • Red square logo is the trademark
  • Opened first store in 1984
  • Fleece jacket, Heat tech, AIRism, Ultra Light Jacket made very large sales


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UNIQLO is very popular apparel brand in Japan. From children to elder, people almost all generation are wearing UNIQLO nowadays. Actually, my wife, my sons, and myself have clothes of UNIQLO.


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