[Japanese Brand] WORKMAN plus / Enjoy shopping at apparel retailer sharply developing recent years in Japan

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I’m looking for my new wear, mainly for outdoor


That’s nice, what is your demand for it ?


Well… I want to get products reasonable price, strong, waterproof, and rather fashionable !


Wow, O.K. I would like to introduce ‘workman’, which will meet your demand !

This page is about

  • ’WORKMAN plus’ as developing apparel retailer in Japan
  • What kind of product we can buy at ‘WORKMAN plus’
  • Advantages of products of ‘WORKMAN plus’

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Advantages of items of ‘WORKMAN plus’

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’WORKMAN’ is originally apparel retailer for blue colored workers, where we can buy working clothes, shoes, etc. Needless to say, the items are with toughness for outside works.

Recently, they started sales of clothes with casualty, at ‘WORKMAN plus’. The items at both ‘WORKMAN’ and ‘WORKMAN plus’ are with toughness and strength.

To show advantages of ‘WORKMAN’ products, fashion show is always held under the tough conditions, heavy rain, strong winds, coldness, etc.

Advantages of items in ‘WORKMAN plus’

  • Toughness
  • Casualties
  • Reasonable price

Casual wears

Quotation sauce : https://twitter.com/workman_plus/status/1326450565010792450?s=21

At ‘WORKMAN plus’, we can buy items with casualty. Although design is rather fashionable, these products are with advantages as well as ‘WORKMAN’ products.

This point is supported by consumers, especially for young people. There are many of tweets about ‘WORKMAN’ with hashtag #workmangirl (ワークマン女子)

Wears with high functionality

Quotation sauce : https://twitter.com/workman_plus/status/1245278545150017539?s=21

The products of ‘WORKMAN plus’ have high functionality a lot of pockets, with much of elasticity, anti-stein, etc.

The wears of ‘WORKMAN plus’ is really nice for outside works, camping, fishing, etc. We see articles about ‘WORKMAN plus’ on magazines not only of fashion, but also of fishing, motorcycles, etc.

Sports wear and items

Quotation sauce : https://twitter.com/workman_plus/status/1283326738164903936?s=21

We can also buy sports wears at ‘WORKMAN plus’, which is with materials breathable and drying quickly, based on technology of working wear.

The price is rather reasonable. So these items are also supported by consumers.


Quotation sauce : https://twitter.com/workman_plus/status/1303990161168986112?s=21

Boots are also one of very popular item of ‘WORKMAN plus’. Especially, rain boots are well known in the Japanese market.

With very high quality of waterproofing, and rather casual design, rain boots of ‘WORKMAN plus’ make large sales recently.

Other items

Quotation sauce : https://twitter.com/workman_plus/status/1359783378749251588?s=21

Other than above listed items, we can get various products at ‘WORKMAN plus’, umbrella, gloves, various hand tools, lamps, etc.

Especially, pet bottle holder with insulation of heat made very large sales. It’s sometimes sold out and difficult to get it.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article.

What is ‘WORKMAN plus’

  • The products in ‘WORKMAN plus’
    • Casual
    • Tough and strong
    • Reasonable price
  • The items at ‘WORKMAN plus’
    • Casual wear with high functionality
    • Sports wear
    • Boots
    • Others (umbrella, gloves, hand-tool, lamp, etc)


‘WORKMAN plus’ is sharply developing in Japan !

Thank you very much for your reading and see you again !