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What is ‘Yamada Denki’

quotation source : https://www.aeon.jp/sc/shinurayasu/shop/store/service-321.html

‘Yamada Denki’ is the largest retailer of electronic products in Japan. ‘Yamada’ is family name of founder, Mr. Noboru Yamada and ‘Denki’ means electronic products. ‘Yamada Denki’ has their stores in both city area and suburbs. They make sales of various electronic goods there.

Basic information about ‘Yamada Denki’

  • Largest retailer of electronic products in Japan
  • Yamada is name of founder, Denki is electronic
  • Stores are both city area and suburbs
  • Various electronic products are in Yamada Denki
  • Song of Yamada Denki is in-store broadcasted

We can see latest electronic products by various manufacturers, at ‘Yamada Denki’

History of ‘Yamada Denki’

quotation source : https://www.yamada-holdings.jp/company/corp004.html

‘Yamada Denki’ was established in 1973 in Gunma prefecture as small electrical shop. In 1980’s, they opened large stores in North Kanto area and drastically developed. In 1990’s -2000’s, ‘Yamada Denki’ expanded their business area all over Japan with M&A. As of 2020, more than 950 of ‘Yamada Denki’ in Japan (+11,000 franchises)

History of ‘Yamada Denki’

  • 1973 Established in Gunma
  • 1980’s Developed in North Kanto area
  • 2000 Number of stores became 100
  • 2008 Number of stores became 500
  • 2012 Number of stores became 900

‘Yamada Denki’ was sharply developed in 21st century !

Business provided by ‘Yamada Denki’

quotation source : https://www.yamada-holdings.jp/company/corp004.html

‘Yamada Denki’ is originally retailer of electronic products. It’s still their main commodity, however, we can buy various items at ‘Yamada Denki’ nowadays, not only home appliances, but also other goods around daily life. ‘Yamada Denki’ supports whole life of Japanese.

Items we can buy at ‘Yamada Denki’

  • Electronic products, Toys, Mobile phones
  • Daily necessities, Drug
  • Interior goods, Furniture
  • Housing, remodel of house

‘Yamada Denki’ is still developing with starting new business !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Yamada Denki’ in Japan

  • Largest retailer of electronic products
  • Established in 1973
  • Starting new business with M&A
  • Available items other than electrical products, toys, daily necessities, etc


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Yamada Denki is largest retailer of electronic products. So I often see mega store of Yamada Denki in driving and sometimes go there for shopping. They provide various items with reasonable price. We can see products with latest technology there.


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