[Basic Knowledge] Seijin Shiki / Coming of age ceremony in Japan


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What is Seijin Shiki

Seijin Shiki is the ceremony to celebrate coming-of-age in Japan. Local government organize ceremony of in each area. Seijin Shiki is generally held in Seijin no hi, as national holiday for coming-age-day. Residents in 20 years old is invited to Seijin Shiki by local government. Participants join to the ceremony with formal wear, like Japanese traditional wear, Kimono.

**From 2022, coming of age in Japan will be 18 years old**

Basic knowledge of ’Seijin Shiki’

  • Coming-of-age ceremony in Japan, mainly in 2nd Monday in January
  • Local government organize ceremony
  • Residents in 20 yeas old are invited to the ceremony
  • Participants join to ceremony with formal wear, like Kimono

History of Seijin Shiki

In 1876, Japanese government established law about come of age as 20 years old. Until then, the age being adult was not fixed in Japan. The ceremony to celebrate coming-of-age was started in 1947 in Warabi city in Saitama. In 1949, national holiday was established. After that, the custom to hold ceremony was spread to all over Japan.

History of ‘Seijin Shiki’

  • Until the early modern period, the age to be adult was not defined
  • In 1876, coming of age was set as 20 years old
  • 1947, ceremony was made in Warabi city, first time
  • 1949, National holiday, coming of age day was established
  • 2022, coming of age will be 18 years old

More information about Seijin Shiki

There are unique Seijin Shiki in Japan. In Urayasu city in Chiba, Seijin Shiki is held in Tokyo Disney Land. Many of Disney characters celebrate participants in coming of age. In deep snow area, Seijin Shiki is held in spring or summer. In some area, 1/2 Seijin Shiki is held in elementary school, to celebrate students getting 10 years old.

More information about ‘Seijin Shiki’

  • In Urayasu city, ceremony is held in Tokyo Disney Land
  • In deep snow area, ceremony is held in spring or summer
  • 1/2 Seijin Shiki is held in elementary school in some areas


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You can see young Japanese wearing Kimono in Seijin no hi, as 2nd Monday in January.

What is ‘Seijin Shiki’ in Japan

  • Coming-of-age ceremony in Japan, mainly in 2nd Monday in January
  • In 1947, first ‘Seijin Shiki’ was held and spread to all over Japan
  • In snow area, it will be held in Spring or summer

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In 2021, due to COVID-19, Seijin Shiki is canceled or postponed in various cities in Japan, especially Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama areas. I really hope that it would be made as usual, in next year.

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