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Bosai no hi

quotation source : https://www.pro-bousai.jp/smartphone/index.html

1st. September is ‘Bosai no hi’ which is the day for preparation to disasters such as earthquake, typhoon, fires, etc. This day is coming from ‘Kanto Dai Shinsai’ as mega earthquake in Tokyo in 1st. Sep in 1923.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Bosai no hi’

  • It’s on 1st. September
  • To prepare disaster prevention goods
  • Lesson from mega earthquake in 1923
  • Emergency drills are held in various places

Preparation for disaster is very important in Japan !

Keiro no hi

‘Keiro no hi’ is a national holiday in 3rd Monday in September, to appreciate and respect old people, in Japan. Until 2002, it was fixed day, 15th. September, in 2003, it was changed to current date.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Keiro no hi’

  • National holiday in 3rd Monday of September
  • Until 2002, it was 15th. September
  • To respect and appreciate old people
  • People give small gifts to old family in this day

Respect for elders is very important in Japan !


‘Tsukimi’ is traditional event in Japan, to see full moon with ‘Tsukimi Dango (sweet rice dumplings). As date is 15th. August of Luna calendar, date in solar calendar is changeable year by year.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Tsukimi’

  • Event to see full moon in autumn
  • 15th. August in Luna calendar
  • It’s not national holiday in Japan
  • Celebrate with Dango, sweet rice dumplings
  • ‘Tsukimi burger’ is on sales by Macdonald Japan

Moon in autumn is beautiful !

Typhoon season

quotation source : https://weathernews.jp/s/topics/201909/060045/amp.html

In September as end of summer, tropical storm, typhoon is approaching to main land area of Japan. If typhoon hit metropolitan area, public transportation system is stopped. People pay attention to prediction of typhoon route.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Typhoon season’

  • Tropical storm, typhoon comes Japan
  • Public transports stopped in some cases
  • People pay attention to typhoon alert in this season

Pay attention to typhoon !

Silver Week

In September, there are two national holidays, ‘Keiro no hi’ & ‘Shubun no hi’. As these two holidays are close, we can take one week of off in some cases.

In May, there are ‘Golden Week’. As number of national holidays are smaller than ‘Golden week’, we call this season as ‘Silver week’, generally.


Good to go sightseeing in this season !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

5 major events in September in Japan

  • Bosai no hi
  • Keiro no hi
  • Tsuki mi
  • Typhoon
  • Silver week


September is still hot in Japan


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