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  • What fruit is the season in September?
  • What is ’Tsukimi Burger’?
  • How many typhoons occurring annually ?

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Japanese Life in September

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September 1st is “Bosai no hi” as Disaster Prevention Day. What event led to the establishment of this day?

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The third Monday of September is a public holiday. What day is it?

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Which of the following fruits is in season in September?

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September is the typhoon season. What is the average number of typhoons occurring annually?

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September is the season for moon-viewing. What animal is believed to inhabit the moon in Japan?

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What is the moon-shaped ingredient sandwiched in McDonald's seasonal limited menu item, the "Tsukimi Burger"?

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In September, there are multiple holidays, making it a period with many days off. What is this period called?

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The period around Autumnal Equinox Day is called "Higan." Which of the following sweets is traditionally eaten during "Higan"?

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