【What is life in September in Japan ? 】Trivia Questions & Commentary by Japanese webmaster !


Hello world, I’m SHINTA+, Japanese writer !

Topics of Trivia Quiz ‘Japanese Life in September’
  • What is Bosai day ?
  • What is national holiday in September ?
  • What is Higan days ?
  • What animal is on the moon ?
  • What is Tsukimi Burger ?

This page contains a Trivia Quiz about Japanese life in September.

The photos in the Questions are carefully chosen to reflect Japanese culture, allowing you to experience the essence of Japanese culture.

By taking this Quiz Game, you can assess your knowledge of Japanese culture and receive commentary on each question from a Japanese perspective.

Please enjoy !

What is the reason for September 1st becoming Disaster Prevention Day?

Who is celebrated on 3rd Monday in September ?

What is ‘Higan’ days for ?

Which is ‘Ohagi’ as seasonal food for Higan days ?

‘Tsukimi (viewing moon)’ is traditional event in Japan, in autumn. What animal is believed to live on the moon in Japanese folklore ?

What ingredient, inspired by the moon, is used in the ‘Tsukimi Burger as seasonal product of McDonald’s in Japan ?


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