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What is au

quotation source : https://www.au.com/pr/cm/3taro/tsunagu/?bid=we-dcom-3taro2016-tsunagu

‘au’ is the 2nd largest mobile phone operator in Japan. ‘au’ has ‘au shop’ all over Japan and provide various services there. ‘au’ make TV commercial heavily. The ‘San-Taro’, as ‘Momo Taro’, ‘Kin Taro’ ‘Urashima Taro’ are character of ‘au’ which is very famous in Japan. Orange is the color of ‘au’.

Basic information about au

  • Provider of mobile phone service in Japan
  • ‘au Shops’ are all over Japan
  • Making TV commercial heavily
  • ‘3 Taro’ are the character of au
  • Orange is color of au


quotation source : https://time-space.kddi.com/ketaizukan/index.html?bid=co_prts_ahp_0060

‘au’ was established in 2000, as combined brand of ‘cellurar’ and ‘IDO’. In same year, ‘EZ-web’ service was provided as closed internet service. In 2005, acquired ‘Tu-ka’ brand. In 2015, TV commercial, ‘3 Taro’ series was started. Now au is one of three major mobile phone operator, as well as docomo, SoftBank.

History of au

  • Established in 2000
  • Unified brand of IDO and cellurar
  • Provided ‘EZ web’ as closed internet service
  • In 2005, acquired Tu-Ka brand
  • In 2015, ‘3 Taro’ series started

More information about au

quotation source : https://www.au.com/payment/?bid=we-we-gn-3851

‘au’ provide various services not only around mobile phone, but also non-mobile phone business. ‘au pay’ as cashless payment service, ‘au online shop’, ‘au Denki’ as electronic supply, ‘au Hoken’ as insurances, etc. ‘au’ support life of Japanese.

Various services by au

  • ‘au pay’ as cashless payment
  • ’au Denki’ as electronic supply
  • ’au online shopping’
  • ’au Hoken’ as insurance


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


We see TC CM of ‘au’ almost everyday in Japan

What is ‘au’ in Japan

  • 2nd largest mobile phone operator in Japan
  • Established in 2000, Unified 2 mobile phone operators
  • Providing various service, cashless payments, online shopping, etc


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Frankly speaking, I don’t use mobile phone of au currently. However, in the past, I used service of au. So I have good impression of service of au. I see TV commercial of au, which is really nice.

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