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What is ‘Demae-Can’ ?

What is a difference from Uber ?

I wrote this article to clear your question about ‘Demae-Can’ as provider of food delivery in Japan.

I would like to explain about the topic with mainly two parts.

  • Basic knowledge of Demae-Can in Japan
  • Deep Diving with answering questions
    • Interface with user
    • Types of Foods
    • History
    • Comparison with Uber

In first part, you can get basic information about ‘Demae-Can’ in Japan.

And next, I would like to introduce more details, with style of answering questions. You can get information with cherry pick style, in stead of reading long article.

I hope you will have proper information about ‘Demae-Can’ in Japan, after reading this page.

What is Demae-Can ?

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‘Demae can’ is provider of food delivery in Japan.

‘Demae’ means ‘food delivery’. Demae-Can has two kind of services mainly. One is deliver food by their own provider, like Uber eats. And the other one is portal site of restaurant who has own delivery service.

Demae-Can provide delivery of foods, from more than 20,000 restaurants in Japan.

What is Demae-Can ?
  • Provider of food delivery in Japan
  • Two different services
    • Delivery by Demae can’s delivery person
    • Delivery by delivery person of restaurant
  • More than 20,000 restaurant is registered

Deep Diving into Demae-Can in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Demae-Can in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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Demae-Can service is available with two interfaces

  • Application of smart phone
  • Webpage

Need mobile phone number for verification in registration to use service of Demae-Can. And delivery address is also required.

English page is available in webpage of Demae-Can.

Author’s research

Quotation Sauce:Demae-Can webpage

Demae-Can have contract with various restaurants. We can have delivery service of various kinds of foods by Demae-Can.

  • Hamburgers
  • Ramen
  • Pizza
  • Gyudon, etc

Author’s research

Demae can was established in 2000, in Osaka.

As Japanese restaurants has own delivery service called ‘Demae’, ‘Demae can’ was initially intermediator of ‘Demae’ thorough internet.

In 2016, new service ‘Sharing delivery’ was started, consumers have delivery of food of restaurant who don’t have ‘Demae’ service in Japan.

Number of registration by restaurants are still increasing.

History of Demae-Can
  • Established in 2000 in Osaka
  • Intermediator of Demae services in Japan
  • 2010, Number of restaurant became 10,000
  • 2016, ‘Sharing delivery’ started
  • 2020, demand expanded due to COVID-19
  • In July of 2021, number of restaurants became more than 80,000

Reference : Demae-Can webpage

As far as I use both service as user in city area in Yokohama, I can’t see any difference between Demae-Can and Uber. Both service is very useful for me.

On the other hand, we can see various description in internet space, about Demae-Can, in comparison with Uber. Let me introduce some of them.

Positive comment for Demae-Can

  • Deliveryman is well trained
  • Available even in small city area
  • User support is sufficient level

Negative comment for Demae-Can

  • There is setting of Minimum order amount

Author’s research

The working style of deliveryman of Demae-Can is with variety, compare with Uber.

  • Uber
    • Gig worker (with Subcontracting)
  • Demae-Can
    • Part-time job worker
    • Gig worker
    • Employee of restaurant

Reference : mesicoi.com webpage

It’s difficult to answer this question.

Both of Demae-Can and Uber is very popular in Japan. Awareness of the service in Japan is approx. 90% for both Demae-Can and Uber.

A lot of commercial messages for both service are broadcasting on TV. There is high competition between Demae-Can and Uber, in Japanese market.

Reference : PR times webpage


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