[Japanese Brand] Hikkoshi no Sakai / Moving company with largest sales in Japan

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What is Hikkoshi no Sakai

quotation source : http://www.hikkoshi-sakai.co.jp/professional/

Sakai Hikkoshi Center is one of very famous moving company in Japan. ‘Hikkoshi’ means moving, in Japanese. It’s generally called as ‘Hikkoshi no Sakai’ by Japanese people. They have more than 190 of branch offices all over Japan. The trucks with illustration of Panda is the trademark of Hikkoshi no Sakai.

Basic information about Hikkoshi no Sakai

  • Very famous moving company in Japan
  • 190 offices all over Japan
  • Official name is ‘Sakai Hikkoshi Center’
  • Generally called as ‘Hikkoshi no Sakai’
  • Panda on yellow line is the trademark


quotation source : http://www.hikkoshi-sakai.co.jp/professional/

Predecessor company of Sakai was established in 1979 in Osaka. In 1981, name of company was changed to Sakai Hikkoshi Center. In end of 1980’s to 90’s, Sakai made very comical TV commercial. With this advertisement, Hikkoshi no Sakai was getting very famous all over Japan. In 2013, Sakai got No.1 sales in moving industry and keeping large share in Japan.

History of Hikkoshi no Sakai

  • Predecessor company was established in 1979
  • 1981, name changed to Sakai Hikkoshi Center
  • 1989 Started comical TV commercial
  • 2013 Getting no.1 share in moving industry

More information about Hikkoshi no Sakai

quotation source : http://www.hikkoshi-sakai.co.jp/professional/

Hikkoshi no Sakai provides various services, which is finely tuned to customers demands. Their products are for various targets, family, single, partial movement, etc. And they have various options, which is quite helpful to reduce workflows of moving people in Japan.

Various services by Hikkoshi no Sakai

  • For various targets
    • Family
    • Single
    • Partial movement
  • Various optional services
    • Packing by Sakai
    • Cleaning
    • Disposal of disused items
    • Finding out bugging device
    • Landscape gardening


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


We can see truck of ‘Hikkoshi no Sakai’ everywhere in Japan.

What is ‘Hikkoshi no Sakai’ in Japan

  • Famous mover with largest share in Japan
  • Established in 1979
  • Provide various services, packing, cleaning, disposal of disused items, etc.


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