[Basic Knowledge] Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho / Pre-alert for earthquake in Japan

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In this page, I would like to introduce ”Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho’ in Japan.

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What is Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho

quotation source :https://www.data.jma.go.jp/svd/eew/data/nc/shikumi/shikumi.html

‘Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho’ is a emergency alert to notice the risk of earthquake. In English, it’s EEW, earthquake early warning. If government observe initial undulations of strong earthquake, they provide alert to Japanese citizens for preparation against attack of shake.

Generally, initial undulation comes few seconds earlier than shake of ground. So people can have a chance to prepare earthquake. At the moment, system is not perfect, coming earthquake earlier than alert, smaller than expected, etc. However, people evaluate the system, as Japanese has a experience of disaster many times.

History of Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho

There was mega earthquake in 1995 in KOBE. After the catastrophe, the project to provide alert against earthquake is getting up speed. Observation equipments are placed all over Japan. And trial operation of ‘Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho’ was started in 2003, for limited organizations.

In 2007, alerting system is released to all of people. Government continued to improve the system. However, in mega earthquake in 2011, ‘Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho’ was made in only very limited area, while shake in earthquake was in very large area. Specialist is trying best effort for improvements even now.

More information of Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho

quotation source :https://www.jma.go.jp/jp/quake/2/20201212072243393-12161902.htmlL

‘Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho’ is provided with various channels, TV, Radio, direct alert in mobile phones, etc. The alert is made with very large sound. So once ‘Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho’ is made, notification sounds are ringing in same time, in all tools.

In 2019, ‘Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho’ was made 8 times. In 2018, 16 times, in 2017, 7 times, in 2016, 31 times. In 2011, when there was mega earthquake disaster, 97 times of alert were released. Yearly figure is quite uneven.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


If you got alert, please stay safe.

What is ‘Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho’ in Japan

  • Emergency alert system against large earthquakes
  • Started to run system in 2007
  • Alert is provided by TV, Radio, mobile phone, public announcement, etc


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In my mobile phone, Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho is pre-installed. It’s installed in most of mobile phones I. Japanese market. Once government issue the alert, everyone get impact from its sound.

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