[Japanese Brand] Kuroneko Yamato / innovator in home delivery industry in Japan


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What is Kuroneko Yamato

quotation source : https://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/pressrelease/2020/news_200214.html

Kuroneko Yamato is most famous brand in industry of home delivery in Japan. Service is provided by Yamato transport, they can deliver cargo all over Japan. Black cats (Kuro Neko) are described on truck of Kuroneko Yamato, which is trademark of the brand.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Kuroneko Yamato’

  • Provider of home delivery in Japan
  • Service is provided all over Japan
  • Black cats are trademark of Kuroneko Yamato
  • ’Takkyu-bin’ is the service name of them


quotation source : https://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/corporate/ad/40th/

Great innovator, Mr. Masao Ogura started ‘Takkyu-bin’ as service home delivery in Japan, in 1976. At that time, home delivery service was monopolized by Japanese government. Kuroneko Yamato as private company provided high quality service and got large share in Japanese market.

History of Kuroneko Yamato

  • 1976 Started service in Kanto area
  • 1984 Total handling amount 100 million packages
  • 1987 Started service of refrigerated cargo
  • 1997 Service area covered all over Japan
  • 2004 Total handling amount 1 billion packages

More information about Kuroneko Yamato

quotation source : https://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/customer/send/services/

Kuroneko Yamato is still trying to make innovation in their industry. Until now, they started brand new services in home delivery industry, which were changed lifestyles of Japanese. And now Kuroneko Yamato is still starting new services continuously.

Products of Kuroneko Yamato

  • Delivery for activities, Ski, Golf, etc
  • Delivery of refrigerated items
  • Delivery time designation service
  • Delivery from to airport
  • Smartphone application for labeling, trace, payments, etc


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


I dispatched gift to my mother by ‘Kuroneko Yamato’ this week, from Yokohama to Osaka, which was arrived next day !

What is ‘Kuroneko Yamato’ in Japan

  • Provider of home delivery
  • Started service in 1976
  • Various services available, golf, ski, snowboard, frozen food, etc


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Kuroneko Yamato provides various delivery services in Japan. Actually I send gifts to parents by Kuroneko Yamato and receive various items with this service. Especially, under the COVID-19 impact, Kuroneko Yamato becomes essential service in our life.

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