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What is SECOM

SECOM is the largest security company in Japan. SECOM provide security services for both home and offices. SECOM has contractors more than 1 million for home security and 1.4 million of office security. Red sticker is trademark and proof of having security service of SECOM.

Basic information about SECOM

  • Largest security company in Japan
  • 1 million of contracts for home security
  • 1.4 million of contracts for office security
  • Red sticker is the trademark of SECOM


SECOM was established in 1962 as first security company in Japan. At that time, company name was different. SECOM provide security services in TOKYO Olympic Games in 1964, with which SECOM was developed well. In 1983, company name changed to SECOM. In 2020, SECOM became official security company for Tokyo Olympic Games again.

History of SECOM

  • 1962 Established as first security company in Japan
  • 1964 Provided security service in Olympic Games
  • 1973 SECOM brand established
  • 1983 Company name changed to SECOM
  • 2020 Official security company in Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

More information about SECOM

SECOM provides various services for home security, alert for fire, sensor for invaders, quick dispatch of security guards, watching over senior people, etc. And also providing services for offices, building, restaurant, hospital, etc. SECOM supports life of Japanese with various products.

Various services by SECOM

  • Alert for fire
  • Sensor for invaders
  • Quick dispatch of security guards
  • Watching over senior persons


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We can see sticker of ‘SECOM’ all over Japan

What is ‘SECOM’ in Japan

  • Largest security company in Japan
  • Established in 1962
  • Red sticker is proof of contract with ‘SECOM’


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SECOM Is very famous, as they broadcast TV commercial. My working place has contracts with SECOM. When I push security button erroneously, security guards come to office within 10 minutes. I was surprised quickness of SECOM.

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