[Japanese Brand] SoftBank / Mobile phone operator with white dog in Japan

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What is SoftBank

SoftBank is the 3rd largest mobile phone operator in Japan. SoftBank has ‘SoftBank shop’ all over Japan and provide various services there. SoftBank make TV commercial heavily. The white dog, as character of SoftBank is very famous in Japan. White dog has been on TV commercial more than 10 years.

Basic information about SoftBank

  • Provider of mobile phone service in Japan
  • SoftBank Shops are all over Japan
  • Making TV commercial heavily
  • White dog is the character of SoftBank
  • White dog series continues more than 10 years


quotation source : https://www.softbank.jp/corp/

SoftBank was established in 1981, by Mr. Masayoshi Son. It was initially software sales then, investment company. SoftBank participates in establishment of Yahoo. After success of various investments, in 2006, SoftBank acquired mobile phone business from Vodafone with 1.75 trillion yen.

History of SoftBank

  • 1981 Established as dealer of software
  • 1987 developed ‘least cost switch’ for phone
  • 1996 Established Yahoo Japan
  • 2004 Acquisition of professional baseball team
  • 2006 Acquisitions of Vodafone Japan

More information about SoftBank

quotation source : https://www.softbank.jp/mobile/special/paypay-matsuri/?cid=pypy_201006__032

SoftBank make investment in various business. It makes synergies not only to mobile phone business, but also all of business around SoftBank. As a result, there are many services in Japan, which is provided by subsidiary companies of SoftBank. SoftBank Group supports life of Japanese.

Various services by SoftBank

  • Yahoo Japan as portal site
  • Paypay as non cash payment
  • Line as SNS application
  • zozo as EC site for fashion items
  • SoftBank Hawks as professional baseball team


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


The TV CM with white dog is very famous.

What is ‘SoftBank’ in Japan

  • 3rd largest mobile phone operator in Japan
  • Established in 1981, not as mobile operator, but as dealer of software
  • Various subsidiaries, portal web site, mobile application, etc


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Frankly speaking, I don’t use mobile phone of SoftBank. However I use smartphone application ‘Line’ and ‘Paypay’. These are invested companies by SoftBank. It’s very difficult to have daily life without services of SoftBank, nowadays.

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