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What is SUUMO

quotation source : https://suumo.jp/edit/kyotsu/jukatsu/index.html

SUUMO is portal service for information about real estate and houses for lent, in Japan. The service is provided by Recruit, who provide various kinds of agency services. The character SUUMO is very popular. We can see SUUMO as green hairy life, often on TV commercial.

Basic information about SUUMO

  • Information provider of real estate, houses for lent
  • Provided by famous company, Recruit
  • Character name is also ‘SUUMO’
  • SUUMO is Green hairy sphere life
  • The age of SUUMO is 10030 years old

History of SUUMO

quotation source : https://suumo.jp/sp/ikkodate/kanagawa/sc_135/pj_93243285/?kbn=2&cvclg=tm_K3mtn000

In 1976, Recruit started service to provide information about real estate in Japan. In 1980’s and 1990’s, Recruit established multiple services for houses for lent, housing, dealing of apartments, etc. In 2009, Recruit decided to unify the brand name and services into SUUMO. Currently, all of services around housing by Recruit is provided with name, SUUMO.

History of SUUMO

  • 1976 Recruit started service around real estate
  • 1983 Published magazine about housing
  • 1990’s developed services about houses for lent
  • 2009 Unified the brands to SUUMO

More information about SUUMO

quotation source : https://suumo.jp/chintai/jnc_000061641196/?bc=100215262300&kbn=2

We can get various information through SUUMO. SUUMO provide information not only housing, but also moving, financial services. In starting new life, entering school, university, starting to work in new place, cohabitation with partner, SUIMO is quite helpful.

Various items in SUUMO

  • Houses for lent
  • Dealing of land
  • Management of real estate
  • Quotation of moving
  • Consulting of Housing loan


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


‘SUUMO’ is useful, when we look for new apartment.

What is ‘SUUMO’ in Japan

  • Information provider of real estate, houses for lent
  • Brand established in 2009
  • The name of very famous character is also ‘SUUMO’


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I often use service of SUUMO. I installed application of SUUMO to look for apartments. I can learn market price of houses for lent and compare with each location. That’s quite nice application for me.

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