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Overview of ‘J League’

quotation source : https://twitter.com/prompt_fmarinos/status/1292089623896657920?s=21

‘J League’ is professional league of football in Japan. ‘J league’ was started in 1993. Initially, it was started with 10 team, just with one category.

Now it’s categorized into 3 divisions, J1 as top league, J2 as second, J3 as third. The number of spectators are increasing year by year. In 2019, more than 10 millions of people went to stadiums to watch the football games in total.

Bits of knowledge about ‘J League’

  • Professional football league, since1993
  • 3 categories, J1, J2, J3
  • Over 100 millions people on stadium in 2019
  • 56 club team, as of 2020

‘J League’ make football popular in Japan !

J 1 League

quotation source : https://www.jleague.jp/sp/news/article/16082/

J1 is the top category of J League, in Japan. The league is started from 1993 with 10 teams. The number of teams is increased and as of 2020, it became 18 team. Bottom of two or three teams are exchanged with teams in J2.

Bits of knowledge about ‘J1 league’

  • Started in 1993 with 10 teams
  • As of 2020, 18 teams in J1
  • Bottom 2 or 3 teams go to J2 in next year
  • Kashima Antlers win 8 times J1 champion
  • In 2019, Yokohama F. Marinos won the league

I’m supporter of ‘Yokohama F Marinos’ in J1 League !

J2 League

quotation source : https://twitter.com/zweigen_staff/status/1292093038878011392?s=21

J2 is the 2nd category in J League. In expansion of J League, J2 is established in 1999 with 10 teams. The number of teams were increased, as of 202, J2 consist of 22 teams. Top and bottom of two or three teams are exchanged to J1 / J3 teams.

Bits of knowledge about ‘J2 league’

  • Started in 1999, with 10 teams
  • As of 2020, 22 teams are in J2
  • Top 2 or 3 go to J1 next year
  • Bottom 2 go to J3 next year
  • In 2019, Kashiwa Reysol won the league

J2 League is also very exited !

J3 League

quotation source : https://twitter.com/grulla_staff/status/1291998029831008257?s=21

J3 is the 3rd category in J League. With expansion of J League, it was established in 2014, with 12 teams. As of 2020, it consist of 18 teams (2 teams are sub team of J1 club). Top two teams are exchanged to J2 teams.

  • Started in 2014 with 12 teams
  • 18 teams as of 2020 (2 teams = U23 of J1 )
  • Top 2 teams go to J2 in next year

J3 team trying to go to J1 League !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘J League’ in Japan

  • Professional football league in Japan
  • Established in 1993
  • Three categories, J1, J2, J3


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I really like J League, actually I live in near the stadium and I have yearly pass to watch the match of football games. It’s so exiting and stadium is so safe, thus, I can enjoy J League with my family.

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