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What is ‘JRA’

‘JRA’ is an abbreviation of ‘Japan Racing Association’ as affiliated organization of governmental office and 100% owned by the Japanese government. ‘JRA’ promotes horse racing in Japan. Yearly sales is approximately 2 trillions yen which is the largest amount among public gambling sectors.

Bits of knowledge about ‘JRA’

  • JRA = Japan Racing Association
  • Promoter of horse racing in Japan
  • Horse Racing is publicly controlled gambling
  • Racing are held in every weekend
  • More than 3,000 races in a year by JRA

Horse racing of ‘JRA’ is popular sports in Japan !

History of ‘JRA’

quotation source : https://jra.jp/keiba/thisweek/

Horse race in Japan was held by various promoters. After WWII, with discussion in parliament, promotes are unified to JRA. In 1980’s, ‘JRA’ started to broadcast TVCF to improve image of horse racing. As a result, sales and popularity were largely increased.

History of ‘JRA’

  • 1860’s Horse race started in Japan
  • 1900’s Government promote horse racing
  • 1954 Established JRA
  • 1977 Sales became above 1 trillion yen
  • 1997 Sales at peak, 4.6 trillion yen

‘JRA’ is the largest promoter of horse racings in Japan !

Where we can buy betting tickets of ‘JRA’

quotation source : https://jra.jp/kouza/beginner/baken/

As of 2020, people over 20 years old are allowed to buy betting tickets of horse racing in Japan. There are no restrictions on nationalities. JRA provide various channels for betting tickets, which is 100 yen per ticket.

Channels of betting tickets by JRA

  • 10 Race courses
    • Sapporo, Hakodate, Fukushima
    • Niigata, Tokyo, Chiba, Aichi,
    • Kyoto, Hyogo, Kokura
  • Internet, called ‘PAT’
  • By phone call
  • ‘WINDS’ as off-site betting offices
    • 40 WINDS in Japan

Horse racing by ‘JRA’ is very popular kind of gambling in Japan !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘JRA’ in Japan

  • Promoter of horse racing in Japan
  • Established in 1954
  • Having 10 horse racing course in Japan


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Horse racing itself is categorized as sports in Japan. However, it’s needless to say, kind of gambling. I often buy betting tickets, especially for Grade Races, like Japan Derby, it’s so exciting. We can enjoy it only with 100 yen.


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