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What is ‘Mizuno’

quotation source : https://www.mizunoshop.net/f/dsg-716297

‘Mizuno’ is very famous manufacturer of sports goods in Japan. ‘Mizuno’ make sports wears, equipment, shoes, etc, for various sports, like baseball, football, golf, tennis, athletics, etc. We can get ‘Mizuno’ products in sporting goods stores all over Japan.

Basic information about ‘Mizuno’

  • Manufacturer of sports goods
  • Products for various sports
    • Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Basketball
    • Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton
    • Swimming, Athletics, Dancing
    • Karate, Judo, Boxing
    • Golf, Handball, Rugby, etc etc

I play baseball with items made by ‘Mizuno’, when I was in high school !

History of ‘Mizuno’

quotation source : https://www.mizuno.jp/baseball/BASEBALL-DREAM.aspx

‘Mizuno’ was established by Mr. Rihachi Mizuno in 1906. Initially, ‘Mizuno’ dealt with sports wear and baseball goods. Then, they expanded their business to Golf and Ski. ‘Mizuno’ is pioneer or front runner in most of cases, to make sporting items in various kinds of sports in Japan.

History of ‘Mizuno’

  • 1906 Mizuno was established
  • 1913 Started production of Baseball goods
  • 1923 Started planning of production of Ski
  • 1933 Started production of Golf club
  • 1960’s Partnership with Speedo in Swimming

‘Mizuno’ has history more than 100 years in Japan !

Brand ambassadors of ‘Mizuno’

quotation source : https://www.mizuno.jp/softball/players/

‘Mizuno’ has contract with top athletes of various sports, as brand ambassador, mainly with Japanese players. For example, as of 2020, there’s contract with Mr. Keisuke Honda, famous football player, who played AC Milan. ‘Mizuno’ support activities of professional players.

Athletes contracted with Mizuno

  • Football
    • Keisuke Honda
    • Shoya Nakashima, etc
  • Baseball
    • Tomoyuki Sugano
    • Kosuke Fukudome, etc
  • Softball
    • Women’s Japan National team

We can see athletes with using items of ‘Mizuno’ in various sports !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Mizuno’ in Japan

  • Manufacturer of sports goods in Japan
  • Established in 1906
  • Many of athletes having contract with ‘Mizuno’


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Mizuno is popular brand in Japan. Actually, I play baseball with glove and spiked shoes. The product of Mizuno is always nice to play sports for me. Mizuno support activities and health of Japanese with their products.


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