Desired career for girls / In 5 minutes to understand desired careers in Japan

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Today’s topic is ‘Desired Career’ for girls.
What kind of career did you want to be in your childhood ?

In previous article, I took up desired career for boys. Although the thought of ‘Gender free’ is spreading slowly, little by little in Japan, there’s some difference between boys and girls.

The source of this article is also ‘White paper of elementary school students in 2019’ which is issued by Gakken, as provider of educational materials with long history. I hope you can enjoy the article, with 5 minutes of reading.

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No.1 – No.5

Ranking Career Ratio 
No.1Pastry Chef 11.3%
No.2Preschool Teacher 5.0%
No.3Nurse 4.5%
No.4Doctor 3.8%

No.1 career desired by girls is ‘Pastry Chef’ . This career became popular for girls around 2001. Since then, it keeps higher rank, since then. Pastry chef is also listed in ranking of boys. However, it is in No.20.

Top 5 careers are completely different from boys. No.2, Preschool teacher, No.3, Nurse, No.5 Florist are keeping higher rank in girls, however, these are not in top 20 of boys.

No.6 – No.10

Ranking Career Ratio 
No.7Baker 3.3%
No.8Manga Artist 2.8%
No.9Zookeeper 2.0%
No.10Pop star, Singer2.0%

In No.6 – 10, there are various careers. Some of them are to express oneself with artistry. No.6, Fashion related, No.8, Manga artist, and No.10, Pop star, Singer.

No.7, is Baker and No.9 is Zookeeper. Both are supported by all age in elementary school students.

No.11 – No.15

Ranking Career Ratio 
No.11Teacher 1.8%
No.12Pharmacist 1.8%
No.13Police officer1.3%

Next is No.11 – 15. In this range, there are careers with which girls are familiar in their daily life. No.11, Teacher, No.12, Pharmacist, No.13, Police officer, No.14, Veterinarian, No.15, Hairdresser.

We can see people with these careers in daily life. It might be that girls see them very carefully and have admiration for them.

No.16 – No.20

Ranking Career Ratio 
No.20Fashion Model1.0%

In No.16 – 20, there are glamorous careers in the list. No.16, Chef, No.17, YouTuber, No.18, Musician, No.19, Entertainer, No.20, Fashion Model. YouTuber is the No.17 for girls, while it’s No.1 for boys.


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I think that desired careers for children are like a mirror to reflect its time. Something is changing and something is not changing. Some of careers might be out of the list and something new career might be in.

I hope that this article could provide you some topic in your communication with your family, friends, about Japanese culture.

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