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In this page, I would like to make brief explanation about ‘Kumon’ as very famous school in Japan.

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What is ‘Kumon’

‘Kumon’ is very famous private tutoring school in Japan. ‘Kumon’ provides classes of mathematics, Japanese, and English, partly French and Germany, all over Japan. There are more than 16,000 schools and approximately 1.5 millions of students go to ‘Kumon’ in Japan. Light blue signboard with smile is the trademark of ‘Kumon’ in Japan.

Basic knowledge of ’Kumon’

  • Famous private tutoring school in Japan
  • Providing classes of mathematics, Japanese, and English
  • More than 16,000 Kumon in Japan
  • Approx 1.5 million of students go to Kumon

My son go to ‘Kumon’ more than 5 years. His ability is growing day by day.

History of ‘Kumon’

Founder, Mr. Toru Kumon opened class of mathematics in 1955 in Osaka. He developed his own educational materials, ‘Kumon-Shiki’. His style got high evaluation in the educational market. In 1960’s – 70’s, ‘Kumon’ was expanded to all over Japan. In 1977, number of students became 200,000, and in 1981, it became more than a million. Although the birth rate is significantly decreased, ‘Kumon’ keep numbers of students with high level, in Japan.

History of ‘Kumon’

  • 1955 Founder, Mr. Toru Kumon opened class of mathematics in Osaka
  • His method, ‘Kumon-Shiki’ for high evaluation in the market
  • In 1960-70’s Kumon was developed significantly
  • In 1981, number of students became more than a million
  • In 21st century, still keeping number of students, despite decreasing birth rates

‘Kumon’ has history more than 50 years in Japan !

Unique methods of ‘Kumon’

The educational method of ‘Kumon’ is very unique and well organized. The material is not classified with school age. It is distributed based on ability of each student and each subject. Teacher provided minimum guidance only. Basically, students go to ‘Kumon’ one or two time per week only. Skill is developed by printed homework. Students work out printed material again and again, repeatedly.

More information about ‘Kumon’

  • Unique methods of ‘Kumon’
    • Education not based on school age
    • Material depends on ability of student
    • Repetitive practice with printed homework
    • One or two classes per week per subject
    • Awarding students passing examination

‘Kumon’ has difference between other educational organizations !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Kumon’ in Japan

  • Famous private tutoring school in Japan, more than 16,000 classes
  • ‘Kumon’ started educational service in 1955
  • Education with unique methods, mainly with repetitive practice with home work


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