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What is ‘Kyotsu Test’ ??

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What is Kyotsu Test

Kyotsu Test is examination as 1st step to enter University in Japan. ‘Kyotsu’ means common. The results of Kyotsu Test is valid commonly to various Universities, especially to national universities.

Kyotsu Test is held in 3rd Saturday and Sunday in January. Then, 2nd examination will be held in each University in February.

What is Kyotsu Test
  • Examination as 1st step to enter Universities
  • ‘Kyotsu’ mean ‘’common’
  • Valid commonly to multiply universities
  • Held in 3rd weekend in January

Deep Diving into Kyotsu Test in Japan

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The organizer of Kyotsu Test is National Center for University Entrance Examinations. This organization is established based on Japanese law as independent administrative agency.

Sauce : DNC webpage

Qualification to have Kyotsu Test is given to following person

  • Graduated High Schools in Japan
  • Expected Graduation of Japanese High School in coming March
  • Passing Japanese high-school equivalency examination

People who graduated high school out of Japan need to check one by one with Organizer about qualification.

Sauce : DNC webpage

There are 6 main subject area in Kyotsu Test

  • Kokugo (Japanese)
  • Mathematics
  • History & Geography
  • Civics
  • Science
  • Foreign Languages (Select one language)
    • English
    • French
    • Germany
    • Chinese
    • Korean

Sauce : Kawaijuku webpage

No, Kyotsu Test is with currently Japanese language only. Even in examination of English, questions are made with Japanese Language.

Sauce : DNC webpage

Kyotsu Test was held in different name in the past. The name of examination was changed few times, however, nature of examination remain unchanged.

  • 1979 Kyotsu Ichiji as prototype of Kyotsu Test was started
  • 1990 Renamed as ‘Center Shiken’
  • 2021 Kyotsu Test is started

Sauce : DNC webpage


I had ‘Center Shiken’ long time ago !

It depends on design of entering examination in each University. In most of Japanese National University, it’s required to have Kyotsu Test as first examination.

On the other hand, there are many of private Universities to whom we can enter without having Kyotsu Test.

Sauce : Kawaijuku webpage

No, Kyotsu Test is not applicable for international student to enter Japanese universities basically. Kyotsu Test is mainly for people living in Japan.

Author’s research

Yes, Past paper of Kyotsu Test is available in organizer’s webpage, while the page is Japanese language only. https://www.dnc.ac.jp/kyotsu/kakomondai.html

Sauce : DNC webpage


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