Mackee | Very famous felt-tip pen, Bold and fine in one ! Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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  • Variety in products of ‘Mackee’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Mackee’ in Japan

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What is ‘Mackee’

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‘Mckee’ is very famous felt-tip pen in Japan. There are felt-tip in both ends of ‘Mackee’. One side is to write bold letter and another is for fine point. Japanese people see ‘Mackee’ as school owned stationeries. Most of Japanese have experience to use ‘Mackee’ in their life.

Basic knowledge of ‘Mckee’

  • Famous felt-tip pen in Japan
  • Felt-tip in both ends, points for bold and fine
  • 12 colors in market
  • Popular as school owned stationery

‘Mackee’ is good to create hand made poster !

History of ‘McKee’

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Producer, ZEBRA started sales of Mackee in 1976. At that time, pen with two points was very rare. Sales point of ‘Mackee’ was accepted by consumers. Total sales is more than 400 million pens in 40 years. The design of ‘Mackee’ remains unchanged since start of sales. So people can recognize Mackee with its shape.

History of ‘Mckee’

  • 1973 Started sales by ZEBRA
  • Increased sales with various efforts
    • New sales channel, convenience stores
    • Broadcasting TV commercial
    • Appeal of advantages of two points pen
  • More than 400 millions pen sold in total in 40 years

‘Mackee’ has history more than 40 years, it’s long seller in Japan !

Various Products of ‘MacKee’

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‘Mackee’ has various series of products in Japan. Standard one is ‘Hi-Mackee’ with 12 colors. Other than that, there are many products, fine points, for paper, for writing name, etc. The most unique one is ‘Mackee work(with carton opener)’. It’s very nice for moving with cartons.

Various products of ‘Mckee’

  • Standard, Hi-Mackee 12 colors
  • Fine point Mackee 12 colors
  • Super Bold Mackee 3 colors
  • Mackee for paper 15 colors
  • Mackee with carton opener

‘Mackee’ is available for various purposes !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Mackee’ in Japan

  • Famous felt tip pen in Japan
  • Started sales in 1973
  • Various colored pens are available


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Frankly speaking, I don’t have Mackee in my house. However, I used it at school in my school age. And my sons also often use Mackee in their school. I suppose that Mackee is generally stocked in public spaces.


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