Mono Keshigomu | The most famous eraser in Japan, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Mono Keshigomu’ in Japan

You may get knowledge of ‘Mono Keshigomu’ in Japan, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !


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What is ‘Mono Keshigomu’

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‘Mono Keshigomu’ is very popular eraser in Japan. ‘Keshigomu’ means eraser. Manufacturer is Tombow, who provides various stationeries in Japan. Specific point of ‘Mono Keshigomu’ is its design. Stripes of blue, white, black is well known in Japan, as design of ‘Mono Keshigomu’.

Basic knowledge of ’Mono Keshigomu’

  • Very popular eraser in Japan
  • Manufacturer is Tombow
  • Blue, White, Black striped design is trademark
  • The design is well known in Japan

‘Mono Keshigomu’ is very popular eraser in Japan !

History of ‘Mono Keshigomu’

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‘Mono’ brand was originally pencil and mechanical pencil lead. Eraser was bonus for people who bought pencil more than dozen. As eraser got very good evaluation, in 1969, ‘Mono Keshigomu’ was released to market. The coloring, blue, white, black remains unchanged.

History of ‘Mono Keshigomu’

  • Mono brand was of pencil and mechanical pencil
  • Eraser as bonus for buyer of dozen pencils
  • 1969, Mono Keshigomu was released
  • Tricolor remains unchanged till now

I’ve been user of ‘Mono Keshigomu’ since I was in elementary school.

Various items of ‘Mono Keshigomu’

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As ‘Mono Keshigomu’ has very high recognition in Japan, manufacturer, Tombow make various campaigns with Mono Keshigomu. For example, Tombow make various products with design of ‘Mono Keshigomu’, bag, sneakers, T-shirt, etc. Some products are not for sale, and some are for sale. It’s design is well known in Japan.

Various goods of ‘Mono Keshigomu’

  • Bag (Not for sale)
  • Sneaker (Not for sale)
  • T-Shirt (Sold in the past)
  • Calculator (sold in the past)

Design of ‘Mono Keshigomu’ is really well known in Japan !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Mono Keshigomu’ in Japan

  • Very popular eraser, manufactured by Tombow
  • Started sales in 1969
  • Design of tricolor, blue, white, black is well known in Japan


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